Harvard Study: Commercial Milk Linked To Cancer

There has been a lot of news and debate over the last few months in regard to raw milk. The government has successfully shut down a number of raw milk dairy farms, and even some co-ops where individuals own shares of cows and have rights to that milk. The FDA even recently completely halted an Amish mans entire business over his selling of raw milk. Those opposed to it could be getting their own wakeup call very soon though, as a new study has lifted the veil on the industrial dairy scene and exposes just how dangerous commercial pasteurized milk can be to your health.


How dangerous could milk possibly be? As it turns out, a new study from Harvard University has determined that commercial milk from factory dairy farms contains extremely high levels of an estrogen compound that has been linked to prostate, breast, and testicular cancer. Part of the reason for this is that these commercial cows are milked upwards of 300 days a year, even when theyre pregnant. In the study, the pasteurized milk contained more than 30 times estrone sulfate than raw milk that was only produced during the first 6 months after cows had given birth.


Organic, raw milk obtained from grass-fed cattle that are properly milked has actually been linked to boosting immunity and aiding digestion. Commercial factory milk is far from a healthy product, and can actually be attributed to the development of hormone dependent cancers. This is a direct result of factory farming methods, where animals are confined and fed a steady diet of genetically modified foods that make them ill. Just remember next time you see a commercial about happy cows that theyre probably only so happy because their food is laced with antidepressants.



Harvard University Gazette


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