Green Smoothies: Great or Gross

smoothieFor most people the idea of mixing collard greens with bananas sounds about as appetizing as sardines-and-grape-jelly liver-and-chocolate.pigs- feet-and-peanut-butter! Groooooss!

OK, lets move on before we both get sick. The fact is that for lots of heart- conscious folks, collards and bananas, or kale and kiwi are the best combinations for optimal health.

The Unadulterated Truth

Few things in the average American diet are unadulterated. Our food supply has been processed, polyunsaturated, and polluted with enough chemicals, preservatives, and toxins to make us sickand they have.

Educated speculation suggests that millions of people afflicted with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, arthritis, and even some cancers are suffering because of poor diet choices.

The good news is that diet choices once characterized as alternative are being mainstreamed. For example, the word organic is no longer treated as disdainfully as it once was. And green smoothies have received a wave of popularity among the green aficionados that is growing rapidly.

Mother Natures Medicine Cabinet

Do you know why spirulina is called a super food? Because thats exactly what it is! Its replete with every nutrient, mineral, and vitamin we needall in one incredible plant.

And if the word chia makes you think of those kitschy ceramics people used to gag-gift each other during the holidays, well think again. Chia is another complete fooda super food which, if incorporated into our diets properly, will have us all leaping tall buildings with a single boundwell, almost.

Kale, apples, collard greens, pears, celery, blueberries, cilantro, oranges, broccoli, plums, lettuce, bananas, cucumbers, mangoes, herbs, pineapple.

Green smoothies incorporate the best produce in one big dose, so that we can maximize their benefits in our daily diets.

Need to regulate your blood sugar? Add vanilla bean powder or cinnamon to your smoothie. Got digestive problems? Shave in some fresh ginger root. Tumeric is a natural anti-inflammatory; and cayenne is great if you want to revive the flora in your gut.

Need to lower your cholesterol or your blood pressure? Want to improve your digestion? What about boosting your energy levels or preventing heart disease? Before running to the pharmacy, head to Mother Natures medicine cabinet. A green smoothie is a magic bullet full of fiber, energy boosters, and blood cleansers.

My personal favorite combo is bananas, chia, spirulina, kale, frozen mango and pineapple, and a non-MGO protein powder, blended with unsweetened almond milk. Yum! Gosh, Im getting hungry.

Ecological and Economical

While taking a stand for your health you can also make a difference in your local economy. Go online and look for your friendly neighborhood organic farmer. Organic food costs more green, but its worth it, and so are you. And in the long run you may save money, because maintaining good health eliminates trips to the doctor and costly prescriptions.

Take the plunge! Add smoothies made of organic fruits and veggies to your diettheyre a perfect blend for greater health.

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