Fluoride Fluoride has something to do with teeth but actually, it is bad for your health. Here are the facts that you should know about fluoride:

Fluoride Has More Disadvantages Than Benefits

Some cities include fluoride to the water supplies they provide to the public. The main purpose they have for it is to prevent tooth decay. On the other hand, dental suggestions from over 50 years before are not valid at all. The researchers are now asking about the effectiveness of fluoride addition to water. The researches show that fluoride has no benefits to teeth if a person ingests it. Actually, the prevention of tooth decay is proven more effective when topical applications are used like mouthwashes and toothpastes. Those people who oppose fluoride have the same opinion that any advantage from supplemental fluoride is less than its possible health risks.

Fluoride Triggers the Lead Levels to Increase

Fluoride combined with water is the chemical by-product produced by the industry of phosphate fertilizer. It is not approved by the FDA. Compared to the fluoride that you can find in all toothpastes, the fluoride content present in water is a harmful acid that is usually associated with the elevated levels of lead in children. Also, constant ingestion of water with fluoride might result to adverse effects that involve dental fluorosis.

Unsafe for Babies

Water with fluoride is not safe for babies and for those people who have a kidney disease. In young children, the brain lining which protects the brain from toxins and harmful substances is not actually fully-developed. Thus, it means that you must never provide your children with an infant formula which is made from water with fluoride. Also, those people who suffer from kidney diseases are susceptible and more prone to harmful effects of this substance.

Although the researchers choose the usage of the topical against the supplemental fluoride, non-prescription toothpastes and mouthwashes also have some health risks. Those children who ingest toothpastes with fluoride get more doses of fluoride compared to what they get from water with fluoride. There is also a concern that topically applied fluoride could leech and enter the bloodstream over the gums.

Excessive Fluoride

Those people who consume too much fluoride on foods and beverages get almost more than 300% of the suggested amount of the American Dental Association. On the other hand, you could take some steps to lessen your exposure to fluoride. You have to switch to non-fluoride toothpaste to ensure your safety.

Those kids who are susceptible to toothpaste ingestion must frequently use the brands of toothpaste that are free from fluoride. Also, be sure that you make an infant formula by using water with no fluoride. It is important to lessen the number of times you consume soda as well as concentrated juices that usually has water with fluoride.

These are the dangers that you should know when it comes to the use of fluoride. As you can see, fluoride is not always good for the health. Although it can benefit you when it comes to your teeth, it brings more harm to your overall health.

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This article was inspired by Dr. Patrick Crawford who runs a Kenosha, Wis. dental clinic called Pat Crawford DDS


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