Exercise Key To Health And Fitness

exercise-itemsWith the increasing risk of various illnesses like diabetes, heart ailments etc., it is extremely essential to be healthy and fit. Health and fitness are the sum result of proper diet, a healthy lifestyle and the right exercise.

Regular physical activity is of utmost importance for good health. It not just helps control weight, but also lowers the risk of many diseases like heart diseases, metabolic syndrome, blood pressure and certain types of cancers. It also helps strengthen the bones and muscles, improve mental health and thus improving the length and quality of life.

But in todays world, amidst a busy, hectic schedule, regular physical exercise can be a difficult task. It is to an extent easy to maintain our diet and control our lifestyle, but making time for a scheduled workout can seem overwhelming. The key is to find the right set of exercise that will not just improve health, but is also feasible in the time that can be spared.

It is not true that only long hours of workout are helpful; sparing even 10 minutes a day can help gain better health. Another secret benefit of exercise is its boost to our productivity. Regular exercising helps us become active and increases our ability to handle our busy schedules. This technically results in more time which can be used to do various other tasks that have been moved to the back burner due to lack of time.

To start with exercising, begin on your own or find a fitness trainer like Next Level Fitness. Basic exercise can be started right where we are. Being active in our regular routine, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to the grocery store instead of taking the car will bring in basic physical activity. These are slow, but effective weight loss exercises if done at the right pace.

Feel Energetic

Activities like climbing stairs or walking help improve stamina and the oxygen circulation in our body. Increased blood circulation helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to the different parts of the body and also increases the efficiency of the cardiovascular system in our body. In simple terms, it improves the functioning of the heart and lungs and thus makes us feel highly energetic.

Difficulty sleeping? Exercise can help. Research has shown that people who are involved in regular physical activities tend to have better sleep habits. They sleep deeper and also dont have difficulty falling asleep.

Improves Mood

Physical exercise stimulates various chemicals in the nervous system and brain that help us feel happier and relaxed. A side effect of weight loss is a boost in confidence. The feeling of looking better helps you feel confident and also increases your satisfaction level in life. Better sleep also helps in feeling cheerful.

Thus, simple physical activities help improve the quality of life and also make us satisfied healthy individuals.

Nancy Lu is a health enthusiast and blogger who writes on maintaining good health.

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