Eliminate Dry Mouth And Find The Root Cause

Those who suffer from dry mouth know the level of discomfort that can often accompany it. While dry mouth is usually a symptom of some other greater problem, alleviating it is something of paramount concern and importance for sufferers. Contributing factors that cause dry mouth are often dietary practices, medication and the most likely culprit, oral hygiene. While those three things should be the first concerns that are addressed, once the cause is determined, help dealing with the issue is where the focus ultimately lies.

One of the most obvious causes that should be considered is dehydration. While telling someone to drink more water seems simple enough, its incredibly interesting that many daily causes of discomfort, whether it be a headache or dry mouth, can be easily addressed with higher water consumption. Many people are not getting the amount of H2O that they should. Drinking at least eight ounces of water every hour, for a ten-hour period during the day, is recommended. Alongside dehydration, dietary practices can often lead to the irritation that is a dry mouth. Those who consume high levels of sugar and salt require more water and are often thirstier than those with a more balanced diet. Because of this, the feeling of thirst is often accompanied by dry mouth.

Another great option for those who suffer from dry mouth is chewing gum. This isnt to say that any type of gum will suffice. There are many chewing gums that have chemicals and artificial sweeteners that are harmful to overall health. The specific type of gum that should be used to combat the occurrence of dry mouth is called xylitol gum. Because xylitol is natural, frequent uses help with the overall state of the mouth. Chewing xylitol gum will increase saliva production which diminishes dry mouth. This, alongside brushing, flossing and rinsing will help minimize the frequency of the issue.

Its vital that dry mouth be taken seriously because those who suffer from it severely battle with bad breath and even have difficulty swallowing. Some even deal with sores and infections in the mouth which can progress to something much more consequential and painful. Another factor that can contribute to experiencing dry mouth is smoking. Though many are aware of the negative effects of smoking, they continue the unsavory practice. Smoking will severely increase the likelihood of suffering from dry mouth and other more dire ailments, such as gum disease and mouth cancer.

A good remedy for those who experience dry mouth predominately at night is a humidifier. When the air is naturally dry, it makes the presence of dry mouth even worse. Putting moisture naturally in the air will help with the circulation of the airflow and moisten the oxygen that is being consistently inhaled. There are few things worse than waking up with a severely dry mouth! Help prevent it today.

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