Dentists Do You Know These Teeth Facts?

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As a dentist you know tons of information about gum disease and tooth prevention and care, but here's a few facts that may surprise you. See if any of these are new to you. 

Do some people retain their baby teeth?

Most children by the age of three have a complete set of temporary teeth. These temporary teeth begin to loosen and fall out around age six and the permanent teeth begin to come up from the gum line. Sometimes the first tooth known as the baby tooth stays and receives no replacement. Sometimes though the baby tooth is healthy and can be left alone, however, if this is not the case, this tooth can be removed in the future and replaced with an implant-supported crown or conventional crown.

Do men and women typically smile the same number of times per day?

The average man smiles eight times a day while the average woman smiles 62 times a day.

Sweets and sugar are bad for teeth but what about sour food?

Your teeth can also be softened and the enamel eroded from acidic food and drinks with low pH. The worst culprit is citric acid which is found in many fruits including oranges and grapefruit. You might know that sour candies contain sugar but so do sour gummy vitamins and they can also damage your teeth.

Do all animals have the same number of teeth?

Cats have 30 teeth, dogs have 43, pigs have 44, armadillos have 104, giraffes only have bottom teeth and blue whales have none.

Is tooth enamel hard to break?

While the enamel of your teeth is the hardest part of your body, it can still break easily. Some of the main culprits for chipping teeth include ice cubes, popcorn kernels and lip and tongue piercings.

Are teeth the first thing people notice about others?

An American Academy of Periodontology survey found that 50 percent of those questioned notice a persons smile before any other feature.

Are electric toothbrushes good to recommend to patients?

Actually, electric toothbrushes generally do a better job of cleaning your teeth than do standard toothbrushes. The vibrations of the electric toothbrush generate many more quick strokes which in turn clean more areas than the standard brush.

Have most older people lost the majority of their teeth?

About 40 percent of people 65 and older do not have a complete set of teeth.

Is every set of teeth the same?

While each person develops two sets of teeth and normally has around 32 teeth, no two people have an identical set of teeth and each set is as different as fingerprints.

Does any country have a holiday for teeth?

September 20th is Love Your Teeth Day in The Peoples Republic of China.

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