Cardio Health: Choosing The Right Dance Style For You

Dancing is a wonderful form of expression that combines creativity, artistry and motion — and also offers exceptional benefits for your health. From ballet to jazz and everything in between, dance can help maximize your body’s full potential and get you into prime condition. Since most forms require balance, endurance and cognitive ability, dancing can benefit you both physically and mentally in many ways.

This heart-pounding activity is not only fun, but also delivers a great cardio workout. Dance can improve your agility, coordination and reactivity. Unlike activities such as running or swimming, dancing has a cardio edge because it requires a full range of motion. It also exercises your cognitive function. Since many styles of dance involve learning and remembering choreography, they can help preserve memory and reduce cognitive decline. Dancing also can benefit you emotionally by improving your social skills. The ability to bond with others through movement can help you gain greater self-confidence and reduce feelings of exclusion.

Just by getting your groove on, you’ll strengthen cognition, increase stamina, improve cardiovascular health and strengthen bones and muscles. Other physical benefits of dancing include increased flexibility and balance. Ballet is one dance style, in particular, that can boost these abilities. With its precise steps and elongated movements, the rigors of ballet require a moderate to high degree of energy, depending on the choreography.

With so many styles to choose from, it’s easy to reap the many benefits of dance and have fun while burning calories. To find the right dance style for you, take a look at the accompanying guide.

Author bio: Caitlyn Beall is the owner of Dance Studio Insurance, a provider of insurance for dance, yoga, fitness and more. She has nine-plus years of experience in the industry and focuses on providing the most comprehensive insurance coverage with the highest degree of integrity, commitment and customer service. 

Choosing The Right Dance Style Guide courtesy of Dance Studio Insurance

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