Can You Imagine What Your Kitchen Will Look Like In 2050?

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Design visionaries are predicting that hyper-connected appliances that anticipate consumers every need will make Jetsons-style kitchens a reality during the coming decades. The predictions made by designers working on the next evolution of cutting-edge appliances appear in the latest FutureFood 2050 interview series. This series is a multi-year program from the Institute of Food Technologists. 

Other Predictions 

Cooks will have much more personalized control over their appliances by 2050

Cooks will be able to connect their ovens to smartphones or tablets and program the ovens to prepare food the way they like it and share recipes with friends

New Tools For Future Kitchens

The kitchen trends and items foodies with a passion for cooking at home will have at their fingertips include:

A 3-D food printer that can create and print foods layer by layer using food ingredient capsules. lt can be connected to the Internet to operate remotely and although it does not cook food, it does keep it warm with a heating element.

A different kind of 3-D printer that can sit on a home kitchen countertop and make single-color confections and cake toppers.

A cognitive computer that can learn and invent new recipes based on the users health, affordability, sustainability, medical conditions, local or on-hand ingredients, and personal taste preferences.

A Bluetooth grilling thermometer that allows users to monitor up to four temperatures simultaneously through a free app.

Cookery pans that incorporate unique fin designs on the sides to efficiently channel heat from the flame around the entire plan for uniform heat distribution and faster cooking times.

Special forks that dispense liquid aromas such as smoke, wasabi, cilantro, chocolate and passion fruit.

An at-home beverage system with precisely-formulated, single-serve pods to dispense freshly made cold beverages such as teas, juice drinks, sports drinks, enhanced waters and carbonated drinks.

A food scanner that uses light-based spectroscopy to determine calories, macronutrients and limited ingredients in foods.

A single-serve coffee maker that reads five different cup lid parameters cup size, temperature, rotational speed, flow rate and time the water is in contact with the coffee to brew either an espresso or a single-cup coffee.

A slow cooker with smart technology to allow consumers to turn it on or off, adjust the temperature, extend the cooking time, and monitor and control it from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. 

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