Are You Drinking Your Teeth Away?

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Did you know that its possible to drink your teeth away? People consume countless carbonated beverages on a daily basis and aren't aware of the damage it can cause to their teeth. Here you can learn about what you can do to prevent future damage to your teeth. Further, you can find out what you can do to correct existing problems like getting dental implants. 

Acid Attacks

There is acid in many foods and beverages that we eat and drink. Acid is extremely dangerous for teeth and fillings because it breaks down tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is a very thin layer of tough tissue that surrounds the outside of each tooth. Enamel is what gives teeth their form and stability. Therefore, when tooth enamel diminishes, teeth become sensitive and prone to discoloration. Once enamel is lost, it is gone forever.

Steer Clear

To prevent the breakdown of tooth enamel, its suggested to keep the following to a minimum:

Carbonated beverages (including diet colas and other drinks)

Fruit juices


The following are foods that you should not let remain in your mouth for long because they contain a lot of acid:





Also, people who are afflicted with acid reflux are also prone to damage to their teeth because of stomach acid making contact with their teeth.

Additional Tips

Brush. Always have a toothbrush and toothpaste handy for when you do consume acidic beverages and foods. This is the best way to remove acid that has come in contact with your teeth.

Rinse. If you are unable to brush after consuming acidic foods and drinks, rinse with water. This aids in clearing the acid and neutralizes your mouth.

Use A Straw. When you drink through a straw, you direct the acidic beverage away from your teeth. Avoid swishing drinks in your mouth.

Chew Gum. Gum is a great saliva generator, which will help neutralize your mouth. Be sure to choose a sugar-free variety.

Skip It. Stick to water, milk, and unsweetened teas since they are not acidic and cannot harm your teeth's enamel.

Damage Done Now What?

Most people aren't aware of the damage acid has caused to their teeth until its too late. Thankfully there are things one can do in the event of severe tooth enamel loss.

Tooth Bonding. In some cases of enamel erosion, tooth bonding may be suggested by ones dentist. This is the process of adding a resin material which is tooth colored, to an existing tooth. The resin hardens which seals and protects the tooth. Bonding is used for teeth that might have cracked, chipped, or decayed from overconsumption of acidic foods and drinks.

Crown. When damage to a tooth cannot be fixed with bonding, a crown may be applied. A crown is like a hat for a tooth that has been broken or damaged. It is applied over a tooth that needs to be strengthened because of decay.

Extraction. In some cases damage can be so severe that a tooth or teeth need to be removed, or extracted. This scares many people because they don't like the idea of their teeth missing. For those that are concerned, it is suggested to look into all-on-4 dental implants in Staten Island. These implants are an easy and quick way to replace extracted teeth.

To keep your teeth healthy, try to avoid the intake of acid. If you must consume them, brush and rinse as quickly as possible. Lastly, if you are affected by tooth enamel loss, know that you do have options to restore your teeth.

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