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Stop a minute and look at yourself. Your body is a marvelous machine. Take your liver and kidneys for example. Your liver helps with food digestion, nutrient storage, protein production, and detoxing your body. And your kidneys filter and purify your blood. 

Sometimes we make their jobs more difficult by eating the wrong foods, and we often want to make up for our misdeeds by detoxing these noble workhorses. But can you really detox your liver and kidneys? Some scientists and health care specialists say No! They consider all of the concoctions some of us have tried - potions, brews, shakes, and mixes - to be pure rubbish. 

Why? They rationalize that this is the job the liver and kidneys are designed to perform - processing what we put in and preventing the toxins in our foods and drinks from poisoning our systems. 

But many of us rationalize that because we consume so much junk, its only logical that our filter system may need to be purged from time to time. Whatever you care to call it, there are ways to maintain a healthy liver and kidneys so that they can continue to function at the peak of efficiency. 

However, detoxing fasts and cleanses may be too drastic for your system to withstand. So the first thing to detox may be your mindset. Don't assume that your body needs to detox; instead confirm it with the help of a doctor or naturopath. Otherwise, the only thing you may flush away is a lot of your hard-earned cash. 

Fasting to detox without proper planning or medical supervision can result in weakness, lower blood sugar, achiness, and fatigue - all of which can stress you out. This is especially true if you're attempting to maintain your normal level of activity - working, exercising, or socializing. A properly conducted fast should always be well planned and short lived; and it should include time to rest so that the benefits of the fast aren't squandered. 

The other thing you might consider detoxing is your diet itself - permanently. Instead of shocking your whole system by fasting or cramming it with concoctions its not accustomed to for a short-term gain, consider a gradual but permanent long-term game plan. 

After consulting with a doctor or naturopathic dietician, try phasing out white sugar, white flour, processed foods, and snacks. Empty your cupboards of empty calories. Instead of grabbing a soda, grab a bottle of water. 

Work with your naturopath to develop a diet that will make sure that 20 to 25 percent of your daily caloric intake contains high quality animal or plant-based proteins. This means antibiotic-free meats and/or organic veggies and fruits. Your liver will thank you for it later. 

The antioxidants in broccoli, kale, and other green vegetables are especially beneficial for your liver. Eating these and other antioxidant-rich foods actually help your liver function properly without having to work so hard. 

Your kidneys purify your blood and produce urine. One of the greatest contributions you can make to the health of your kidneys is water. Proper hydration every day with filtered or spring water will make the filtering process easier and your blood stream cleaner.



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