6 Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home

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Written By Paisley Hansen / Reviewed By Ray Spotts
Throughout the year allergies can impact you any time you go outside. Fortunately, being indoors can offer some solace, but only if you have the proper allergy barriers in place. If you're looking for ways to end the sniffling and sneezing, then the six tips below should be implemented right away. With these in place, you'll be able to enjoy your time indoors without battling nasty allergy symptoms.


Invest In Air Purifiers

Even if you don't have pets, air purifiers are crucial for those who suffer from allergies. Take your time when choosing one of these and make sure you select a model that has good filtration. Even if this means paying more, it will be worth it for the relief it offers. Once you have it, make sure to replace the filter as often as is recommended.

Clean Often

Vacuum, sweep, dust, and mop as often as your schedule will allow. You should also clean off mold anywhere you find it in the bathroom. If you simply don't have time to do these things, then consider hiring a cleaner to help you out every week. This is especially important for anyone who is allergic to dust mites, as dust can build up in just a couple of days, especially during the summer months. Make it a priority to clean the tops of fans often. These can see a lot of dust buildup, which can fly all over a room when turned on.

Change Household Air Filters

Change the air filters on your a/c unit at least a couple of times per year. Since this brings air in from the outdoors, the filter is the only thing that's blocking the allergens from getting into your home. A quality filter is worth the investment with the role it plays. You should also clean off your vents often, as these can see a buildup of dust over time.

Clean Up Pet Messes

While your pets might be some of the most valued members in your home, they can leave behind messes that interfere with your allergies. If you notice your cat or dog had an accident on the floor, quickly clean it up with the safest pet carpet cleaner that you can find. This will eliminate the smell and help minimize the impact on your health and allergies.

Take Your Shoes Off

Wearing your shoes inside the house will track in anything you stepped on outside, including allergens. It's recommended to keep shoes in the doorway so they're easy to take on and off as needed. An added benefit of this is cleaner floors, which any homeowner can appreciate.

To help further reduce dragging dirt and allergens in, place doormats both before and after the door. These are very affordable and will clean off shoes in an instant so you don't have to worry about dirty floors.

Replace Your Window Coverings

While drapes might add some style and luxury to your interior, did you know these can harbor dust, dirt, and allergens? Instead, opt for blinds that can easily open and close shut with a string. Or, you can install pleated fabric shades, which are easy to clean, don't absorb dust, and filter out light quite beautifully. If you're really set on having drapes, then try to find some that are easy to remove and are machine washable. Keep in mind that you should still take a cloth to your blinds every week just to remove any surface dust. Microfiber clothes, in particular, will pick up dust quickly.

An Allergy-Free Home

Did you know that the air inside most homes is normally two to five times more toxic than the air outside? For this reason, it's easy to see why indoor allergies are on the rise today. However, these don't have to result in being miserable while you're spending time inside. With the solutions above, you can achieve cleaner, healthier air that can improve your ability to breathe no matter what season it is.

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