6 Things To Know About Loose Teeth

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When it comes to oral and dental health, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that prevent people from seeking proper and timely professional help. One of these misconceptions is the myth that tooth loss is associated with aging. The advocates of this theory claim that loosening teeth is a sign of aging and may naturally occur as early as the early thirties. But then there are stories of people who are living with perfectly strong and healthy teeth even in their eighties. So, is loosening of teeth really a natural phenomenon? 

No, it is not. There are a number of causes for loose teeth and aging is not really one of them. However, aging may be the reason behind other diseases that indirectly cause teeth to become loose. A loose tooth is likely to fall out if proper treatment and care is not provided in the early stages. For this purpose, it is important to learn about the earliest signs and symptoms that indicate loose teeth. Today, we will discuss some of the most common signs and symptoms of loose teeth.

1) Chewing Difficulty

The mobility can cause difficulties in performing oral functions such as chewing food, or in worst cases, speech. A loose tooth is likely to move a lot when you are trying to chew food. This may result in pain of bleeding as well. In later stages, sudden pain might also be experienced when you're speaking, laughing or doing anything that involves jaw movement.

2) Mobility

Mobility is the major sign of loose teeth. In fact, it is more of a problem than symptom. When a tooth starts to become loose, you will experience uncomfortable movement. You can feel it move even with the slightest touch. Naturally, the teeth can move to some extent if little force is applied, but in the case of a loose tooth, the movement can be more frequent. If you feel your teeth are moving more easily than they used to, it is best to see a dentist before its too late.

3) Sudden Pain

For many people, a loose tooth can cause pain and discomfort even when they are not performing any kind of oral function or jaw movement. The pain can be in the form of sudden and infrequent pangs. If you are experiencing this kind of sensation, you should consider seeing a professional dentist in order to start the treatment as soon as possible.

4) Swelling

This is a sign that is likely to occur when the tooth is loosening due to a periodontal disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Not only will you experience mobility and pain, you will also experience swelling and bleeding around the gums. These symptoms usually mean that the problem is reaching the root of the teeth and must be addressed before its late.

5) Loose Teeth Signs

A loose tooth does not mean you will definitely lose your tooth. Of course, you will if you are not proactive enough to take instant measures. We recommend that you should keep your eyes open for all these symptoms and get professional help at the very first sign of loose teeth. With proper treatment, your dentist will be able to save your teeth and restore their condition without invasive procedures and surgeries.

6) Prevention

However, the best thing we recommend is prevention rather than cure. Take good care of your oral health and hygiene. Make sure to visit a proper dentist on a regular basis. Avoid food that causes dental decay and gum diseases, and always protect your teeth when participating in contact sports.

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