5 Things You Need To Know About Migraines

MigraineMillions of people suffer from migraines in the United States alone, and there are undoubtedly many studies being done - teams for medical research in Boise, ID and many other major cities are constantly in action - in hopes of finding answers and relief for these people. That being said,

Drinking More Fluids Wont Ward Off Headaches

It has always been thought that drinking more water and keeping hydrated will help you become less susceptible to migraine headaches. A recent study by Ludwig Maximilians, University Munich, has found otherwise, uncovering that there is no direct relation between migraine consistency or onset and level of hydration. Its still a good idea to drink a lot of water, but dont count on it to keep the headaches away.

Cigarettes And Alcohol Could Be Triggers

The same study found a significant relationship between frequency of headaches and cigarette and alcohol consumption in students. Of all types of alcohol, sugary cocktails seemed to have the most direct ties to migraine consistency. Alongside these habits, low physical activity seemed to also hold an amount of blame in the study. An overall healthy lifestyle devoid of bad habits is ideal for avoiding migraine headaches.

Migraines Make You More Prone To Brain Lesions

While many men suffer from migraines, women are much more prone to the disorder. A study done on women shows that women with the disorder are at a higher brain lesion risk than women without it. These deep white matter hyperintensities are responsible for the painful migraines and can lead to serious problems later. Keep doctor visits regular and be sure to address your concerns to ensure you frequently get checked for possible problems.

You Can Develop Migraines At Any Time

Those with migraines are not necessarily born experiencing the disorder. While many develop the problem in early childhood, some experience their first migraine much later in life. Many women begin to experience them with the onset of menopause. If you suspect you have the disorder at any time, talk to your doctor. There is a specific diagnosis criteria, usually only with the occurrence of five or more attacks, but the sooner you start a conversation about it, the sooner you can get help.

Vision Correction Could Be The Cure

There are many different possible triggers for migraines, and visual stimuli is only one of the many options. For those with visual trigger issues, a vision correction procedure could solve the problem. Ask your doctor if he feels this would be helpful to you, but in many cases the sharpened vision will rid the brain of confusing stimuli that often set it into an attack. There are many other strange preventive measures for other types of migraine triggers, including acupuncture and Botox.

Be sure to talk to your doctor for the full scoop on why youre suffering from these attacks, and everything you can do to ease the pain and slow the frequency of them. While its a common disorder across the globe, its still a serious one and should be treated accordingly.

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