5 Great Foods For Back-To-School Meal Planning

yogurt and fruitYou blinked and now summers almost over. While youre in the throes of shopping for back-to-school clothes and supplies, this might be a good time to shop for some new school lunch ideas.

Carry On: Gone are the days of the traditional American metal lunchbox decorated with Saturday morning cartoon superheroes. Today the old metal lunchbox has been replaced by the Bento box. Okay, technically the Bento box isnt new or American, in fact its ancient and Asian; but todays modern version of this compartmentalized marvel is a brilliant way to store foods that will remain crisp, fresh, and safe until lunchtime.

And thanks to modern technology and thermodynamic food containers, you can pack hot foods thatll stay hot and cold ones thatll chill out through morning classes. So why not try some healthy but mouth-watering dishes like egg salad and whole wheat crackers. Or maybe chicken salad mixed with raisins and walnuts dolloped atop a few spinach leaves.

Greek yogurt - not the high fructose, fake-fruit kind - plain with granola and a bit of honey drizzled in, now thats a yummy treat. Whichever comes first, the chicken or egg salad, or the Greek yogurt, your kids will be at the head of the class when it comes to their diet.

Summertime and The Lunchings Easy: Summers not over yet, so cube some cold watermelon, add some grapes, organic strawberries, and organic apple slices for a refreshing fruit salad.

Smooth Move: For a thirst-quenching drink, blend your childs favorite fruit with almond milk [and a bit of spinach or kale, if you dare] and stash it in their BPA-free thermos.

Wrap and Roll: Who needs to knead white flour? Try a whole wheat tortilla with hummus, avocado, lettuce, and tomato. Roll it up and youre ready to go the healthy route.

You know your childs tastes and you know your schedule. Select a menu plan that you and your youngster can live with, without wearing you out or wasting money on foods they wont eat. Work on it together - like a family project and watch their physical health and the health of your relationship improve.

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