4 Unfortunate Causes Of Painful Facial Inflammation

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Written By Anica Oaks / Reviewed By Ray Spotts
Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury. It’s how the body works to heal the injury site and get you back to your normal self. Identifying the cause of the inflammation can be necessary to avoid instances where the body misinterprets the threat as an injury.


Allergic Reaction

Allergies can be a real problem when they result in unwanted inflammation of the body. Angioedema is the formal name given to this condition. It tends to occur deep within the skin and can create a lot of pressure on the face itself. The allergen that is responsible for facial swelling will be different depending on the individual. The most common types of allergens include food, medication, and insect bites and stings.


Cellulitis can be an extremely painful condition where the skin swells up. The cause of this condition is due to a bacterial infection of the skin. Using red light therapy, the bacteria is eliminated from under the surface of this skin. This drastically reduces swelling of the facial skin as the body isn’t fighting the bacteria anymore with inflammation.

Eye Infection

When your eye becomes infected, it can result in swelling of the skin around the eye. This includes the cheek, forehead, and eyelid. Some common eye infections that will cause swelling in the face include allergic conjunctivitis, pink eye, and blepharitis. Since the eyes are a very sensitive region of the body, this type of facial swelling can be very painful for the individual.


Sinusitis is a condition where the face swells due to a sinus infection of the nasal cavities. There are multiple cavities around the nose that can be inflamed with mucus. Typically, these passages are filled with air that allows you to breathe fully. However, when they get filled with mucus, it can lead to a bacterial infection. This will cause the face to swell around the nose and eyes.

Inflammation in the body can be painful for anyone. This holds especially true when this inflammation happens in the facial region. Since your face is so sensitive, it’s very easy to feel and tell when inflammation occurs. The above four are just some of the many root causes that can cause your face to swell up. Seeking the help of a medical professional to identify the root cause and the type of treatment you need is always recommended when it comes to swelling of the facial region.

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