3 Modern Uses For Light Therapy

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Written By Meghan Belnap / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, is a fairly new medical theory. Due to its mysterious nature, many may still not have too much confidence in it. However, studies on the procedure have shown a positive outcome for those who choose to go through light therapy. But what exactly does it help with? Read on to learn three of the most common and modern uses for light therapy.

Joint Pain

According to a clinical trial, light therapy has been shown to relieve degenerative osteoarthritis within the elderly. The study showed that a little more than 50 percent of those who went through light therapy began to see a significant difference in their pain.

So, how does it relieve pain? According to doctors, when the mitochondria cells of your body are depleted of energy, they can cause pain to appear. The use of light on that specific area provides the mitochondria with the energy needed to repair the cells and make them healthy once again.

Treating Skin Disorders

One of the most common uses for light therapy is to treat skin disorders. You may have seen this rapidly blow up within social media as influencers begin to spread the message. The way that light therapy helps relieve skin disorders is by directing UV light towards the skin, thus causing skin cell growth and inflammation to decrease.

Some of the types of skin disorders that light therapy can help with include eczema, psoriasis, and vitiligo, to name a few. If you do not see your skin disorder on this list, it is highly recommended that you speak with your personal physician about whether this treatment is a good fit for you.

Seasonal Depression

Those who go through seasonal depression understand just how much discomfort they can receive from depression medications. This is why so many are turning to light therapy as a means of improving their mental health.

Those with seasonal depression will use what is called a lightbox. The lightbox will contain soft light with a standard wavelength to it to improve a person's mood. It must be noted that you still should never suddenly stop taking your medications if you already have them. Speak with your personal physician about incorporating both types of treatments into your daily routine.

As you can see from the information above, light therapy can be used to improve a variety of health issues. Although all of them have gone through the proper clinical trials, it is still important to consult with your doctor for more information before starting any light therapy.

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