Sleep Disorders In Children

A good night’s sleep isn’t a luxury — it’s an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep gives our bodies and brains a chance to rest and recharge after the day’s activities, as well as an opportunity to prepare for the day ahead. A good night’s sleep is even more critical for children. Their bodies and minds are still developing and require that respite to do the important work of growing and maturing. Although many children have no trouble falling asleep and getting the eight to 10 hours of deep sleep they need, there are some common sleep disorders that can make it difficult. 

Children undergo a lot of changes as they grow, and those changes can disrupt their sleeping habits in a variety of ways. For example, changes in their brain development or emotional state may cause them to experience sleepwalking or night terrors. Stress or teething pain may cause them to grind their teeth while sleeping. No matter what the condition, sleep disorders in children can lead to other problems when they prevent kids from getting the right amount of sleep.

The accompanying guide illustrates common types of sleep disorders found in children. There are also some tips parents can use to help their children overcome these disorders. Sleep is crucial for living a healthy lifestyle at any age, so make sure that your kids are getting the meaningful rest they need. 

Sleep Disorders in Children created by Zen Triangle Dentistry.

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