Important Tips For Seniors To Avoid Falling

The elderly are at a much greater risk of suffering from a fall than those that are younger. The scary aspect of them potentially falling is that their bodies and bones are more compromised at that age. This can lead to dangerous and disastrous consequences. Every single year the expenses tied to injuries sustained by a fall total a whopping $31 billion.

There are ways to help seniors prevent the occurrence of a fall by following certain steps and always being aware of what may cause falls to begin with. Here are some of the most critical ways you can secure your surroundings and prevent a senior from falling.

Don't Live In A Cluttered Home

A large percentage of falls take place in homes. In order to prevent this from happening, removing hazardous clutter from your home is a necessity. Get rid of loose rugs or rugs that have a tendency of bunching up at the corners.

Also keep your hallways clear of clutter as it's easy for a slower foot to get caught on an errant item which can cause a bad trip. Always have a clear path in hallways and floors. This is especially necessary at night when you may not see something and accidentally trip. It's unfortunately very easy to suffer a fall in this way.

Kitchen And Bathroom Safety

Reaching for something and losing balance or having your equilibrium thrown off is a common way falls occur. Don't unnecessarily crouch for things in the shower. Always have everything nicely within arms reach.

More slips than you may think are a direct result of stray bits of water that gather on the floor. Make sure a thin mat is placed under the fridge and the sink in the kitchen, which is helpful to absorb any water spills or leaks that may result.

It's also a great idea to add stability bars in the shower or bath to assist seniors in getting in and out of a potentially slippery environment. These are sometimes also necessary and helpful near toilets, especially if the toilet seat is too low. This provides added stability that can often be lost in older age.

Have Your Doctor Review Medications

In the case of dizziness or imbalance, sometimes there is a deeper yet more obvious cause then you may think. Medications often have various side effects, and one of these side effects can greatly affect the ability to stand upright and balance. If you lose a bit of stability, or are experiencing even slight dizziness, it's crucial that you speak to your doctor about these symptoms as they could be the catalyst to a detrimental fall.

Also, always tell your doctor if you've fallen, even if you don't feel as if anything was broken or you weren't hurt. No fall is normal and your doctor will perhaps need to look more thoroughly into what caused the fall. This could require tests and scans, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Do not neglect to alert your doctor if you do have a fall, however minor you may think it is.

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