Does Yoga Really Protect Your Body From Diseases In Old Age?

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Written By Bipin Baloni / Reviewed By Ray Spotts  

Aging is one of the inevitable processes in human life. From being a child to turning gray-haired, everyone is a part of this cycle. Since you don’t have any control over the aging process, all you can do is alleviate its impacts. For many generations, people from the Indian subcontinent have been relying on yoga for all kinds of health issues.

The India-born science has also shown people different ways to lead a prosperous life at various stages. Yoga seems to be the only effective way one can celebrate the old days. The practice of the ancient science can keep a person away from diseases during old age, according to many physicians and health experts around the globe. Since a large chunk of the world population is showing faith in yoga, it becomes a matter of discussion whether it really is as impactful as people think.

Physiological Challenges In Old Age

After age 60 or possibly 65, the human body tends to lose its physical strength, flexibility, and stability. The ability of the body to perform at its peak gets weakened and so does endurance power. From muscles to bones to skin, all parts of the body suffer the loss of stoicism. A number of people question the success of yoga in weaker bodies. They argue how senior citizens can enjoy and practice yoga. Their claim may seem logical before you look into the vast subject of yoga.

Overcoming Obstacles With Yoga

On the opposite side lies the astonishing beauty of yoga dealing with the art of turning obstacles into strengths. Yoga has always been a practice for all. Yoga finds a reason to enter people’s life with ease and there are a number of yoga poses especially suitable for seniors. Baddha Konasana, Savasana, Bhujangasana and Tadasana are some of the asanas that are highly useful for older people. Furthermore, what the critics of yoga should learn is the fact that yoga is not a physical exercise but an amalgamation of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. Meaning thereby, elderly people are not required to indulge in difficult poses in order to enjoy yoga. Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Mantra Chanting are other ways to remain fit and healthy.

Yoga, Diseases And Old Age

There is no doubt that the winter of one’s life is filled with many disorders. With the dwindling of the Immune system, the body’s ability to fight diseases becomes mediocre with declining years. Studies have shown that yoga is the only natural way to ease the influence of diseases. Let’s understand how yoga can help one live happily.

Yoga is a gentle exercise and is suited for people of all age groups. Let’s begin with Pranayama - the art of being healthy through breathing. Breathing might seem a normal act for a majority of the population but the importance it possesses in yoga is quite astonishing. In yoga, breathing is not just about taking in the air and exhaling it out.

The process is of immense significance. Constant inhaling and exhaling not only gives a new life to the body but also boosts the circulation of blood. Since blood - the circulatory system to be precise - is the only mode of transportation in the body, its roles are even more diverse. Purification of blood also takes place while one is engaged in the practice of Pranayama. In addition, the breathing-based exercise is very effective in curing numerous diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and cirrhosis. These issues arise mostly in old age.

Calming The Mind

During old age, the body faces an enormous shortage of physical movement. Since the physical conditions inhibit the ability to move fast and freely, many metabolic activities take a halt, welcoming diseases. The basic level of yoga asanas is highly influential in instigating the inner metabolism of the human body. Begin with the easiest pose - Shishuasana. The exercise is about bending in the forward direction while kneeling down on the yoga mat. The asana allows the body to come into action and promotes relaxation. Trikonasana is another exercise that is good for healing various diseases. For bringing energy to the thighs, Baddha Konasana can play a significant role. Since it is a sitting pose, it is quite popular among elderly people.

Most of the diseases during declining years are due to the inaction of the body. The metabolism stops working with full strength and the anatomy gets trapped by a series of afflictions. Other reasons for diseases include mental anxiety that causes blood pressure problems. We have seen earlier the beauty of yoga in empowering the circulatory system. Concerning issues of stress and anxiety in old age, there are a number of yogic ways to keep the mind calm. Meditation is one of the best forms of exercise to remain mentally stable. It emphasizes bettering the concentration of the mind. The practice of mindfulness is a great way to calm down almost all parts of the body so that one is able to think with patience.

Having originated from the Indian subcontinent, Yoga has spread throughout the world. The ancient science encourages people to practice it from very early so that the impact of age doesn’t show up.

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