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At the University of Birmingham, there is breakthrough research being done regarding the impact that specific proteins have on the immune system and even the ability to fight cancer. Amino acids can be found in proteins. Anywhere from hundreds to thousands of these acids form long chains. These specific proteins often do work within the cells as they relate to the regulation of the body's internal organs and tissue.

The lead author of the research study, who is also a professor at the university, Paul Moss, explains the process and the hypothesis linked to the study. We worked on a protein called ULBP6, which leads to the removal of damaged cells, and observed that there are two types of this protein found in people, Moss said. This is important as previous studies have shown that the type of protein that we inherit from our parents can influence our risk of auto-immune disease and affect how we respond to some forms of cancer treatment. The ULBP6 protein is found on the surface of damaged cells, including several types of cancer cells, and acts as a flag to signal to white cells in our immune system that the damaged cell should be killed.

Two Types Of Proteins

There are actually two different types of proteins that would be considered common. It has been shown in various research studies that human beings who end up inheriting a specific subtype can have poorer outcomes after going through a treatment called stem cell transplantation.

This is typically the most common measure that is taken to treat cancers such as leukemia. It is also referenced as a bone marrow treatment. Those who have the specific genetic makeup may be more at risk of not reacting properly to these types of treatments.

The study found that the ULBP6 protein actually works really well with its receptor and forms a strong bond which helps to embolden the immune system. The research that was being done was to improve the ability of this type of treatment. The presence of protein seems like a good start.

Different types of cancers attack the body much differently. Stem cell transplants are largely used as a treatment protocol but there level of effectiveness definitely depends. Unfortunately, this is a condition of life or death. Understanding what could help the treatment work better and for more individuals is a worthy and necessary cause. In order to improve the success rates, more research like this would have to be completed.

The presence of the protein obviously shifts and changes the ways in which the process can best adhere to the body and blood, all via the immune system. Immune system strengthening is one of the foremost important aspects of many types of research because a compromised immune system is more susceptible to health issues while a strong, fortified one can more easily fight them off or not contract them in the first place.

Blood cancer is notoriously touch and go to fight, but it seems that the level and type of protein that can be found in the body can better set up the body to fight off the cancer cells that are present in the blood when exposed to transplant therapy.

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