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A lesser known oil has been found to improve the overall makeup of the blood. While oils such as chamomile, lavender, avocado, and tea tree are more commonly known with many who have a penchant for using oils, camelina oil is the impressive oil that manages this feat. The study looked at how lipids from fish, camelina oil and the presence of inflammation acted together. Due to the fatty acids that are present in the oil, it made quite the difference in the good cholesterol versus the bad cholesterol that can be seen and tested in the blood.

Over 70 Finnish men and women between the ages of 40 and 72 were tested. They were divided into four different groups. One received the oil, one the fatty fish, one the lean fish, and the other was the control group. After a period of 12 weeks, it was shown that the group that was given the camelina oil had a noticeable positive impact in their blood cholesterol levels. There was also no substantial difference between the glucose metabolism or low-grade inflammation.

What's so interesting about these findings is that many oils that are ingestible and have a specific fatty content are great for the internal systems that have impaired glucose metabolism. This is because glucose and blood sugar issues are traditionally caused by high sugar and high carbohydrate diets. Even in the diets where sugar and carb intake is moderate, spikes in blood sugar happen, which lead to additional problems in the way of diabetes, metabolic illness and hyperglycemia.

Contributing Factors

What this study and many like it show is that fats and oils are not intrinsically bad. They are not necessarily what leads to illnesses. There is a huge case for sugar and carbs being the culprit for inflammation, IBS, and even more serious conditions like cancer and dementia. Everyone's body reacts to specific foods differently but it does seem strange that the rate of diabetes and metabolic illnesses have been increasing over the past three decades when low-fat eating plans were being pushed.

When the fat is taken out of foods, the only thing that replaces it in terms of taste and satiation points is sugar. So ingredients are swapped and all of a sudden when carbs and sugar are consumed, a condition that directly impacts blood sugar is noticeably altered. This study's findings are immense because it lets us know that the naturally occurring fats in these types of oils - similar to foods like avocado, grass-fed butter, salmon and macadamia nuts - are actually good for us when we cut down on and eliminate unnecessary carbs and sugar.

Other factors contribute to the levels of cholesterol in the blood as well, but diet is the primary one. Blood pressure and cholesterol can go hand in hand. As can lifestyle decisions such as being active, not smoking and other choices that impact your overall health. Stress management and stress hormones can also positively or negatively impact your overall health. Trans fats are where the bad cholesterol typically comes from. Those should be steered clear of. But all fats are not created equal and should not be treated the same. The presence of camelina oil in this study is proof of that.

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