Health Benefits Of Niger Seed Oil

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Niger seed oil has impressive health benefits associated with its use. Indigenous to Malawi, Ethiopia and India, it is derived from an herb that goes by many different names, one being black seed. The extraction process is typically done in a varied manner that deals specifically with high heat. Filled with fatty acids and linoleic acid the oil is very close to sunflower oil in composition and look. There are specific ways in which niger seed oil can be used to the betterment of your health. Here's how.

A Sleep Aid

When you don't get the proper amount of sleep that your body needs, you can't function at your most optimum level. Proper sleep is essential for how effectively we exist in our lives when we are awake. Your body needs adequate rest. When it doesn't get that it won't function at the level it is capable of. Due to the magnesium, zinc and potassium within the oil, this is a great oil to rub into your wrists and chest to level out your hormonal balance. Sometimes it's stress that makes it hard to sleep and can lend itself to problems getting enough rest. Niger seed oil can help. Whether it's fully fledged insomnia or the inability to stay asleep, this oil can help.

Heart Health

This oil is considered very healthy and great to cook with. It has healthy levels of omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid which help to properly improve the balance that cholesterol needs. Many don't realize that there are two separate kinds of cholesterol. Niger seed oil does a great job at improving the good kind. This goes a long way at further protecting the organs and the body from costly health events like a heart attack or a stroke. Start using this oil, or sunflower oil, as it has the same benefits when you cook and you'll be content knowing you are doing your heart some good.

Heals Scars

The skin is a very sensitive layer and is susceptible to scratches, scrapes and other accidents. What's worse about these little injuries is that they can become real eyesores and nuisance if they aren't properly cared for when they first take place. This oil is a great solution to burns, rashes, scars and skin irritation. Due to its high amount of antioxidants, it helps to stimulate the healing process and makes your wounds heal faster. It does this in part because of its immune reactivity that is boosted from contact with the skin. Scarring takes place when the cut or blemish isn't properly tended too. Increased irritation or an unclean wound will only scar badly. The antioxidants within the niger seed oil have got you covered. Your scars will fade and your cuts will heal rapidly.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Whether you are notorious for dealing with bloating, constipation, cramping or general upset stomach, it can be hard to function and the discomfort can sometimes be unbearable. That is why niger seed oil is a great oil to have in your medicine cabinet. It helps to stabilize the gut and rid the intestines of any bad bacteria that may be causing such an unsavory reaction.

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