Easy Holiday Eating Tips To Prevent Overdoing It

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The holidays are upon us - and while that means time off work, enjoying family and friends, as well as cozy weather and gift giving - it also means super scrumptious foods. All of the best, most delicious dishes make their rounds during the holiday season - as do all the decadent and savory, sweet treats. While enjoying yourself should be a priority this holiday season, it's really easy to overdo it when it comes to food.

The holidays can be really tricky for anyone who wants to watch the foods they eat and the amount of calories they consume. But doing so is totally feasible. The first thing you have to do is have a plan. Here are some super-simple ways to regulate the consumption of sugar and unhealthy foods this holiday season.

Whole Wheat Flour

Use whole wheat flour wherever you can. If you are making a bunch of desserts, whether cakes, pies, crusts, or cookies, opt for the whole wheat flour instead of the regular. In many cases, there will only be a slight difference in taste and some people won't notice it at all. You can also ease into the transition by using regular flour and whole wheat. Try making a smaller batch of your favorite desserts that require flour to test it out first. It may take some getting used to but many people who are interested in staying health conscious during the holiday season will thank you.

Fruits And Vegetables

Use fruit and vegetables in some of your treats. This may sound completely counterintuitive or even unappetizing but mashed bananas and applesauce are excellent substitutes for butter or cream. Veggies that are higher in sugar content, such as carrots or beets, can naturally add a hint of sugar without the overwhelming sweetness that permeates traditional desserts. Look for ways to substitute the unhealthiest ingredients without completely sacrificing texture and flavor.

Mini Portions

Opt for the mini versions of everything. If you are making your own desserts, try to stick to the mini-cheesecakes or mini-cupcakes. This allows you to have a bit more control over the portions you are ingesting. Don't think that just because something is small, you can have more of it. The idea is to cut back. One of anything will do. One to two bites of a rich, sweet treat is plenty. Don't let the sugar become something that drives you to consume more and more of the dessert. Be as mindful as you can that you're allowing yourself a bit, but that you aren't going to go overboard.


Have some berries with your dessert, or skip the sweet treat all together and have berries instead. A serving of berries with a bit of whipped heavy cream is the perfect treat without being laced with tons and tons of unnecessary sugar. Berries are also very filling which means you'll get your taste of dessert but won't feel the need to gorge yourself on sweets just because they're there. Listen to your body and your hunger cues. Realize what are just cravings and what is actually caused by legitimate hunger.

Always eat something before going to a party, even if they'll be serving dinner. It's not a good idea to go to a holiday party on an empty stomach. That pretty much sets you up for disaster as when you physically hungry, you're more inclined to eat whatever is in front of you. You're also apt to overeat.

Be mindful of these tips to stay on track this holiday season!

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