The Benefits Of Walnut Oil

The walnut isn't as readily consumed because some don't necessarily want to deal with the hard shell in order to eat the nut. However, there is an alternative way to consume these healthy, high in omega 3 fatty acid nuts. Not only is the consumption of this nut advised, but the oil form can also be used in a whole host of ways. Here are some of the top reasons why walnut oil should definitely be a nut oil worth having on hand.

Fights Wrinkles

Signs of aging can be incredibly difficult to deal with. It can make one self-conscious as no one wants to look old. Finding the fountain of youth and products that actually work on the skin are what makes the skin care industry such a booming one. What many don't realize is that there are several natural ingredients that can provide your skin with the ultimate anti-aging and restorative experience. Walnut oil is one of them. Due to the greasy texture of the oil, it can help to fight those fine lines and wrinkles in time. You would need to apply it regularly to your problem areas, let it set and then wash it off.

Psoriasis Remedy

Those who deal with psoriasis can really struggle with how it makes them feel and how they are perceived publicly. It can be a very tough thing to deal with because the affected patches of skin can sometimes be embarrassing and make others wary. Walnut oil is especially helpful to apply topically on the affected area. Walnut oil helps to combat the dryness that is usually associated with psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Fights Hair Loss

Balding is an issue that many people face. It's much more common than some realize and it's not just something that affects men. Women are also known to notice hair thinning around their temples as they get older. If you are starting to see the number of hairs you lose increase, you may want to grab some walnut oil and treat your scalp with it. Due to the high omega 3 fatty acid content in the oil, it helps to fight against and prevent cell damage that can cause significant hair loss.

Improve Sleep

Many people find it difficult to go to sleep. Whether it's their lifestyle or high levels of stress that make falling asleep incredibly difficult, consuming walnut oil can actually be a very effective aid. Walnuts have healthy amounts of melatonin within them. Melatonin helps to regulate sleep cycles and also naturally promotes sleep. You can take melatonin in tablet or pill form but consuming it from organic, natural sources is always the best option. You can use the oil to make your salad dressings or use it as your go-to saut oil.

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