Endurance Training After Inflammation Aids Recovery

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Recovering from any type of injury can take a lot of time, patience and painstaking steps. From research that was conducted in Sweden, it was found that individuals who suffer from some type of muscle inflammation injury do much better in their recovery when they implement endurance training.

Depending on the type of muscular ailment and how it presents itself, it could be the cause of an injury, infection or chronic disease. Either way, the inflammation that is experienced can be pretty terrible. Getting someone back in the saddle and towards a place where they can feel comfortable working out again is certainly ideal.

One of the researchers says of the predicament, All the drugs people are using target one immune cell or group of immune cells, but there are no new drugs that target muscles that are dying. Yet, exercise takes care of the immune cells that are killing the muscles, and repairs the cell death of the muscle. The results weren't surprising. The reason why exercise wasn't considered before is that if people have muscles that are already inflamed or weak, they believe exercise would make the muscles worse. However, what is surprising is that question of why exercise is so effective. It's because exercise takes care of the immune cells that are damaging the muscle while simultaneously targeting specific parts of dead or affected muscles.

The Study

Exercise fundamentally alters the immune systems process as well as shifting the protein levels. The overall experiment took two groups for a period of 12 weeks. One group was deemed the exercise group while the other did not exercise. The muscle biopsies were taken both before and after for both groups. It was clear from how the participants were feeling that their levels of inflammation were decreasing.

Even though some may not see the correlation clearly, it makes sense that exercise would enliven and return the muscle back to its original form prior to its disruption by inflammation. Many inflammatory conditions do not exist in the same manner as traditional, external injuries that may cause inflammation.

Get Out There

Instead, these types of conditions can be better helped and healed in the presence of consistent exercise. What endurance training does is that it works the muscle at a point that it will then have to rest. Plus, the activation of the immune system variable is highly beneficial as most inflammation responses are triggered by the immune system not being able to ward off certain variables that make the inflammation begin in the first place. All in all it is almost indisputable the benefits that can be directly linked to physical activity.

While endurance training is ostensibly more specific than most types of exercise, the overarching theme is the same. If you are able and you won't do more harm to your body, get out there and move. Work up a sweat. Do something that will activate your heart and refresh your mind. Your body will thank you for it in the form of improved health, dexterity, flexibility and so many other ways.

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