UW Study Shows Natural Sweetener Xylitol Can Prevent Tooth Decay

As a natural sweetener, xylitol has been used in chewing gum and mints for years upon years. Recent studies from the University of Washington have shown more positive benefits to the sugar compound than previously imagined. Many people have believed in the propoganda of fluoride for years in cavity prevention, even though studies have also shown it to weaken enamel. This new study shows that the use of pure xylitol can be just as, if not more effective in the prevention of dental caries.

Especially in low income, low educational areas xylitol may very well be a cheaper alternative to preventing tooth decay, which plagues these areas more so than others. Dr. Peter Milgrom has conducted a small test using xylitol syrup with babies which has shown a significant reduction in the number of babies developing cavities. A concentrated dose, multiple times daily is the key to success with this, and it may very well become a part of standard dental care and preventative dentistry.


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