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Do You Know The Link Between Your Weight And Teeth?

Overweight people have poor oral health as compared to fit people. The study also shows that obese people are at a six times higher risk to suffer from gum diseases.



Dental Products: Sensor Detects Bad Breath

Researchers - reporting in ACS' journal Analytical Chemistry - have developed a sensor that detects tiny amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas - the compound responsible for bad breath - in human exhalations.

Tooth Talk: How Teeth Evolved Into ‘Ultimate Cutting Tools’

The final tooth evolution in the lineage of powerful predators took 12 million years, a study shows.

Oral Cancer News: Can Newly Discovered Biomarkers Save Lives?

. Researchers recently discovered epigenetic markers that are distinctly different in oral cancer tissues compared to the adjacent healthy tissues in patients.

Can Oral Surgery Patients Avoid Jaw Damage?

A new pre-clinical study – co-lead by UCLA researchers - could prevent patients treated for cancer or osteoporosis from experiencing jawbone damage as a result of oral surgery.

Can Tooth Loss Indicate Malnutrition?

Older adults are at risk for both impaired oral health and malnutrition.

Florida Mother Impersonates Ostrich, Child Suffers

On Wednesday May 6, 19 year old Tamika White was arrested in Palmetto, FL and charged with felony neglect. Why would this matter to a natural healt...

UW Study Shows Natural Sweetener Xylitol Can Prevent Tooth Decay

As a natural sweetener, xylitol has been used in chewing gum and mints for years upon years. Recent studies from the University of Washington have shown more positive benefits to the sugar compound than previously imagined.

STUDY The Link Between Gum Disease Bacteria And Arthritis

A study conducted by the University of Louisvilles School of Dentistry and an international group of scientists from the European Unions Gums and ...

Declining Oral Health Linked To Major Health Issues

Poor dental health often leads to pain and issues within the mouth, but the impacts can have implications far beyond the mouth and teeth. The mouth...

7 Ways You Can Build A Pediatric Dental Practice

Building a pediatric dental practice is easy to do when you stick with some tried and true methods that are required to grow and compete in todays ...

What Lead In Your Teeth Can Reveal About You

What Lead In Your Teeth Can Reveal About You

A study led by University of Florida geology researcher George D. Kamenov shows that trace amounts of lead in modern and historical human teeth can...


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