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Written By Kevin Kerfoot / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Dr. Ana Brightleaf is a Santa Monica, Calif.-based dentist using state-of-the-art dental technology and the latest research in dental science, along with natural health and healing data. As a patient-focused dentistry practice, Dr. Brightleaf offers a whole body approach to dental health. Brightleaf Dental serves clients from all over Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills as well as other communities in Western Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades, Culver City, Brentwood, Topanga and the greater Southern California area. Brightleaf Dentals mottos is: Dental solutions for a better quality of life! 

Tell us about your dental background and experience?

BRIGHTLEAF: I have over 30 years of dental experience with a background in alternative healing. Currently my practice is centered on healing patients with TMJ pain and bite problems that other dentists have been unsuccessful in treating.

What dental methods do you specialize in?

BRIGHTLEAF: In particular we specialize in treating TMJ. I use the Myotronics TENS unit in conjunction with the K-7 computerized scanner to diagnose via measuring muscle EMGs at rest and in function, recording joint sounds via sonography technology and special data collection to find the neuromuscular bite record.

Do you practice any holistic dentistry methods?

BRIGHTLEAF: Yes. Our holistic methods include no-mercury fillings, removal of amalgam safely, BPA-free composite restorations, all-porcelain crowns and onlays, homeopathic remedies, and safe and effective herbal/essential oil toothpastes. We also recommend how to detox from mercury fillings. The most holistic thing that has had the greatest systemic effect is getting the patient's lower jaw in a relaxed position, which in turn gets the head on straight and assists in spinal realignment, cures tinnitus, migraines, neck and back pain, and much more.

What trends do you see in your field?

BRIGHTLEAF: Resistance from the old guard to understanding holistic dentistry and especially neuromuscular dentistry.

What problems do you see the most and what do you try to teach your patients about dental hygiene?

BRIGHTLEAF: The problem I see the most is a bad bite. We teach the standard things about dental hygiene but the difference is we actually do teach it.

What has been the highlight of your career?

BRIGHTLEAF: Learning about neuromuscular dentistry and doing full mouth reconstruction resulting in some truly happy and healthy patients.

For more information visit Brightleaf Dental.

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