Screenings For Newborn Spinal Abnormalities

This neuromuscular disorder - inherited from the genes of the mother or father - causes a huge amount of health severities that lead to many infant deaths worldwide.

Bone Growth The Teen Years

Bone Growth  The Teen Years

The research team also discovered that bone growth is site-specific, meaning that bone mineral density and overall health develops at different rates in different parts of our body. This could primarily be the reason for why height growth outpaces bone mineral growth, which leads to a high number of bone fractures in children and adolescents. The numbers tell us that anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of children experience one fracture before turning adults. This number significantly decreases in adulthood, before picking back up when bone density begins to decrease as we get older.

Exercise And Bone Health

Exercise And Bone Health

This research shows that being active and keeping yourself at a healthy weight has tremendous benefits outside of what some may typically think. Bone health and density are key to preventing painful breaks or other symptoms of osteoporosis that result from weak bones. There is a specific type of fat that is present in the marrow that is associated with low-density levels in the bones. The same way excess fat can be a hindrance to the body can be found within the fat cells that live in the marrow as well.

Why The Way Your Spine Ages Matters

Why The Way Your Spine Ages Matters

Osteoporosis is classified as a condition of fragility of the skeletal form which compromises the strength in one's bones. Its presence also increases the risk of fracture. Everyone is potentially at risk for this condition. There is a misconception that it only affects those who are older. It can happen at any age. Women also tend to have a higher rate of risk for the condition than men.


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