When To Use An Emergency Dentist And When To Schedule A Normal Appointment

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Written By Meghan Belnap / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

No one wants to deal with a potential dental emergency, but you don't always have a choice. Everyone's situation is different and you have to be the judge. If you aren't sure what to do, the following guide can help you decide.

If Your Tooth Has Been Damaged

Tooth trauma is a common occasion where you might question which type of dentist to go to. If the trauma is to your jaw, face or other areas in addition to your tooth, you should seek emergency medical care first. You need to go to an emergency dentist if your tooth has fallen out entirely, as time is of the essence. Before your appointment, you should keep your tooth in some milk or put it back in the socket to keep it moist. Chipped or cracked teeth, especially if they are not in pain, can often wait a day or two.

If You Are Experiencing Tooth Pain

Tooth pain or sensitivity could be caused by a number of issues, and in most cases it's worth making an appointment with your normal dentist to determine the cause. Tooth pain accompanied by whole-body symptoms of an infection, such as a fever, nausea or headache, could be a sign that an infection from a tooth is affecting the rest of your body. Another sign indicating a serious problem is a painful, visible bump on the gum. Depending on the severity, you should seek timely medical care and get into your dentist as soon as possible.

If You Have Discolored Teeth

Discolored teeth are rarely the cause of an emergency. In many cases, it is simply a cosmetic issue which does not need attention at all unless you want it for personal reasons. Discolored teeth can be a sign of a dying tooth, however, whether from infection or damage. This is usually accompanied by pain and you should make an appointment to get it looked at as soon as possible if accompanied by other worrisome symptoms.

If You Have Popped A Crown Or Filling

This is also rarely an emergency and can wait a few days. For fillings, a bit of sugar-free gum can serve as temporary protection. For crowns, they can be temporarily put back in place with adhesive meant for dentures or dental cement that is available over-the-counter. You should be seen on emergency if you are in significant pain or the teeth are sharp and causing injuries in your mouth.

Although you should do your best to prevent emergencies by practicing good dental hygiene and going in for regular checkups, sometimes emergencies happen. Knowing when to go to an emergency room, an emergency dentistry clinic or whether you can wait a few days to get into your regular dentist is critically important. When in doubt, give the professionals a call and see what they recommend.

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