Tooth Sensitivity? Try These Hacks For Instant Pain Relief

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Written By Djurica Tarana / Reviewed By Ray Spotts  

Are you experiencing teeth problems? If yes, please accept my sincere apologies, but if otherwise then congrats! Any form of teeth sensitivity can cause a great deal of discomfort that can disorganize you and make you less productive. Therefore, it must be treated decisively whenever it occurs for one to continue to enjoy good health and total wellbeing. However, before booking an appointment with your dentist over nagging teeth sensitivity, here is a list of hacks you can try at home for instant pain relief.

Reduce Discomfort By Applying A Hot Pack

The hot pack can come in handy when you are trying to reduce teeth discomfort. All you have to do is place a hot pack at the side of your jaw where you are experiencing the discomfort. If you don’t have one handy, you can easily make one by packing a sock with rice and tying the other end. After that, you place the packed sock inside the microwave and allow it to heat for a minute or two. Remove it and follow the process highlighted above.

Rinsing Your Mouth With Warm Salt Water

Another effective way of ensuring good dental care is through warm salt water rinse. Warm salt water rinse can act as an antiseptic with the capacity to stop bacteria from flourishing in your mouth. By ensuring that your mouth is clean, it will help to protect against harmful bacteria or infection. In addition, it will minimize the extent of pain you will ordinarily feel. For it to work perfectly, you will need to rinse your mouth after each meal and just before going to bed. 

Make Use Of Peppermint Essential Oil

Have you ever given thought to why lots of oral protective products seem to have one active ingredient in common - peppermint/menthol? Well, the reason is not far-fetched since menthol contains powerful properties that help fight against bacteria. In addition to anti-bacterial quality, it’s been found to be effective in naturally relieving tooth pain as well as giving you fresh, minty breath. 

Apply An Ice Pack To Your Face

Another downside of tooth problems - aside from the painful discomfort - is the possible inflammation of your jaw or other parts of your face. If you happen to experience this, place an ice pack on the area. Ice packs are effective in reducing swelling, however, inflammation could be a result of bacterial infection so you may have to go beyond the use of ice packs and consult your dentist for proper treatment.

Distract With Vinegar And Brown Paper

Another handy home remedy for a toothache is to distract it with vinegar and brown paper. It is very simple and easy to apply. You simply soak a piece of any available brown paper - a lunch bag, grocery pack, etc. - in vinegar, sparingly sprinkle a dash of black pepper on one side of it, and hold it against your cheek. The mildly hot sensation oozing out of it and penetrating into your cheek can help take your mind away from the nagging toothache.

Brush With The Proper Toothpaste

Different kinds of toothpaste are available on the market today, all claiming to be amazing, but it is important that you don’t take the adverts and aggressive marketing rhetoric on their face value. You need to ensure that the toothpaste you are using is wholesome and same goes with the toothbrush. Studies have shown that certain types of electric toothbrushes are good for dental care. Some types of electric toothbrushes can oscillate upwards of 8,000 times per minute; such speed will guard against possible gum irritation which is quite common with random toothbrushes.   

Floss Between The Teeth

Proper flossing of the teeth is another effective way of ensuring dental care. Flossing helps in removing plaque and food particles that get stuck in the crevices between the teeth. They have proven to be more far-reaching than a toothbrush, and can reach the gum-line and spaces between the teeth more efficiently. 

Avoid Sugary Intake

Sugar has gained a negative perception since it was linked as a leading cause of diabetes, but that may not be the only motivation why you need to distance yourself from this sweet substance. This is because tooth decay is a result of bacteria feeding off the sugar found in some foods and drinks. This results in plaque and they can build up on your teeth while producing acids that erode the enamel. 

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