Swollen Gums: Why You Get Them And How To Cure Them Naturally

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Swollen gums are a common problem and likely to occur at least once in a lifetime. Due to the wide range of causes it can sometimes be hard to determine the cause of each incident, but in some instances it will be obvious.

In situations with children it can often be caused by new teeth erupting through the gums. Other causes include damaged teeth, trauma or injury to the area, dental work such as cavity fillings or tooth extractions, and infections in a tooth or gums.

When there is a simple cause for swollen gums there are some simple solutions you can try at home, but when the cause is more serious it may require attention from the dentist.

Cold cloth and warm water for swollen gums

When a new tooth is pushing through the gums, a cold cloth on the gums can help with pain and the swelling. This type of swelling is caused by the pressure of the tooth on the gums, so chewing on a cold item or a teether is recommended.

Similarly, food stuck between teeth and gums can cause swelling and irritation, where a rinse with warm water or a Water Pik can help.

Salt water and OTC pain relievers for swollen gums

A damaged tooth can cause inflammation and swelling in the gums around it due to the injury of the tooth and the germs present, especially with germs that cause a cavity. These can irritate the gums and upset the gums all the way around the tooth and even the teeth next to them.

To avoid an infection in this situation it may be recommended to rinse with salt water a few times a day to keep the area clean and so salt can help to draw out any causes of infection. This will also reduce the swelling in the area and relieve some of the pain in the gums.

An over-the-counter pain reliever may also be used - one with an anti-inflammatory especially - will assist to reduce swelling in the gums. Treating the tooth by cleaning the area and fixing the damage to the tooth with a filling or even a crown will allow the area to heal and return to normal.

Antibiotics or extraction for swollen gums

During an infection the germs and perhaps puss and mucus will build under the gums and around the teeth. This infection must be cleared to allow the gums to return to normal, which my require antibiotics or even tooth extraction in some cases.

It is important to see a dentist as soon as possible when infection symptoms are seen or felt. Pain, heat in the area, and any puss are signs to see a dentist as soon as possible for treatment.

When there is a trauma to the face, such as something hitting the mouth or biting on a hard candy or other product, the gums may become swollen in response. A cold cloth can help with this and rinsing the area with a warm salt water rinse can help to calm the gums.

Reducing swelling in the gums can often be helped with the same natural remedies, though some may require attention from a dentist later. Often placing a cold cloth or other soft item along the gums can calm pain and swelling.

A pain killer with a built-in, anti-inflammatory, or a warm salt water rinse are the best solutions for calming swollen gums and helping to remove build-up that causes them.

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