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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Oil pulling is an old Ayurvedic method of cleaning the teeth and mouth by swishing an oil within the mouth, around all the teeth and gums, ensuring the cheeks are covered as well. This practice loosens any bacteria or food particles, reaches between the teeth in all areas, and can help boost oral health.

To make the process easier, an oil pulling tab can be used rather than the liquid form of the oil.

Oil pulling benefits

The benefits of oil pulling range from decreasing harmful bacteria in the mouth to boosting healthy bacteria, loosening food particles, and reducing plaque build-up on teeth. The oil is placed within the mouth, most often a teaspoon is recommended, and it is simply swished around the mouth the same as a mouthwash or other rinses.

How oil pulling works

The oil gets into all the areas of the mouth, including between the teeth and any pockets between the teeth and gums, removing any food debris as it goes.

It is believed that this process provides some nutrients and minerals to the teeth while removing the build-up from the teeth. It also pulls toxins out of the body through the skin in the mouth. In this way it increases health of not only the mouth and the teeth but also the entire body.

Oil pulling tablet

In order to make the process simpler the oil can be made into a tablet that is chewed. Once the tablet has been placed in the mouth it is chewed until it softens and returns to liquid form and then the oil is pulled between the teeth and around the gums.

It is recommended to begin with a five minute oil pulling a session and work up to 20 minutes to ensure that the entire mouth is addressed and that the oil has time to work. The tabs can be made in advance and stored for ease of use.

Oil pulling at home

When making an oil pulling rinse at home any essential oils that are preferred can be added for additional benefits or it can be created with just the oil. Certain spices can be added for their mouth benefits and for health purposes.

For example, turmeric reduces inflammation in the gums and in the joints of the body, while mint which can reduce dental pain and freshen breath.

Oil pulling tabs are a simpler way to store and use the oil for pulling each morning. By creating tabs in advance and storing in the fridge they are ready to go as needed and it becomes unnecessary to prepare or measure the right amount each morning.

Oil pulling allows for additional ingredients to be added easily and quickly, and to prepare for a week or two at a time rather then mixing and measuring every single morning.

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