How To Prevent And Treat Tooth Loss When You're Older

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Written By Meghan Belnap / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

As the body ages, some of its systems seem to be less resilient than one might remember in their youth. Teeth can be one of the areas of the body that see the effects of aging, if for no other reason than a lifetime of erosion from foods and beverages. It's normal for even people who brush daily to see some signs of tooth wear as they age. However, there are ways to treat and fight against actually losing teeth with age.

Fighting Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a common problem for many people as they get older. However, it isn't usually a natural issue. It comes up as a result of the effects of several kinds of medications that an older person is more likely to take. Some medicines for allergies or blood pressure can just dry out the mouth. A drier mouth can lead to more frequent cavities. You can drink more water or use an oral moisturizer to combat this issue.

Fitted Dentures

If you've sustained heavy tooth loss over your life, it may be worth it to look into treatment over prevention at this point. One of the best treatments you can get is denture implants for your mouth. Your dentist can fit these with precise measurements to make sure that they feel as close to your natural teeth as possible. You'll still need to clean them, but they don't deteriorate in the same ways that normal teeth do.

Regular Checkups

Though this may seem an obvious preventative measure, many adults don't visit their dentists as often as they should. Part of the reason for this is the painless nature of some of the devastating conditions that can ravage your teeth.

Gum disease is problematic, but it tends to be free of pain until you start getting older. Visiting an expert at least once a year can help you stay on top of any problems. Your dentist can treat issues that they might find, and they can prevent something like gum disease entirely if they catch it early.

Changing Habits

Many dentists will tell clients what foods or drinks to avoid, but they might not think to talk about what other habits you could change in order to save your teeth. As you age, it might be wise to cut back on possible habits such as chewing ice or hard candies.

Your teeth can take on a great deal of force for chewing, but the sharp edges they have will start to round out after years of chewing, making it more likely that you'll chip something if you aren't careful.

An increase in age poses a rise in some of the risk factors for your teeth. Standard cavities or problems with the gums are just a couple of the things you should be on the lookout for, but a little prevention goes a long way. If you brush regularly, consider adding flossing and the occasional rinse to your regimen.

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