What Is Croton Oil?

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The earth is a magical place. When we think about the plethora of plants, seeds and natural components that it bares for free and how they have healing powers, it's pretty remarkable that more people aren't more holistically geared in how they live and treat illnesses. But not all plants or oils are created equal. Even some of the most popular remedies in traditional scenes have lost their appeal and luster in modern day healing. There are reasons for this.

Croton oil is an oil that used to be used for stomach issues, digestive interruptions and constipation. Due to its very acrid nature, it's no longer used in such a matter as it would clean out a person's intestines almost violently, leaving them grappling with diarrhea after an hour.

However, despite not being an oil that is readily suggested for what it used to be used for, it's still used in very small doses for skin care purposes. It is the active ingredient in a phenol-based facial which is a peel that can be professionally administered. It helps to even the skin tone and eliminate the top layer of skin that is often uneven and suffering from various types of damage.

The amount of croton oil that the skin can safely handle is very specific for peeling, and then the necessary amount of healing after the facial, is required. Due to its incredibly strong and toxic compositional makeup, only a drop or two of oil should be used at a time. If you happen to have very sensitive skin, try using a tiny drop on the inside of your wrist and see if you have any sort of harsh or negative reactions to it.

Exfoliate Regularly

It is classified as an irritant of the skin, yet also an exfoliant. If you are familiar with the inner workings of skin care, then you know just how crucial it is to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. So much of the gunk that makes skin look old, weighs it down or causes imperfections, exists on the very top layer of the skin.

In order to get to the healthier, more even skin, you have to effectively buff off the dead skin cells and first layer of skin. It's so important that you take extra precautions when dealing with an oil as potent and toxic as this one. This is not an oil you want to use too much of because it could end very badly.

The outer most layer of the skin is called epidermis. This is specifically what this oil targets when it is used sparingly in skin-care regimens. After the skin takes its time to heal after the initial exposure, it heals stronger with elastin fibers and renewed collagen at the forefront of the skin. This helps to eliminate the signs of aging as well as any scarring you may be suffering from.

Chemical peels are very serious so make sure you do the proper research if you consider doing a deeply invasive one with croton oil because your skin will need to heal immediately after. But once it does, the results are truly amazing.

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