What Are Niacinamide Serums?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Niacinamide serums are created using a form of vitamin B3 that is safe for most skin types, won’t cause buildup within the pores, and can help to boost skincare in many different ways. These serums are able to create an even skin tone, reduce wrinkles, keep pores clear, reduce dry skin, and boost the barrier of the skin.

This all-around product is a great addition to any skincare routine that is seeking the most results in the fewest steps.

Selecting a serum

When choosing the serum that is right for you there are a few factors to be considered. It is important to find one that has no other ingredients that have caused allergies or irritation to your skin, and that is suitable to your needs.

There are many studies that show a two-to-five percent concentration of niacinamide is the most effective, with the higher amounts being more likely to cause irritation.

Selecting a serum that has a higher level of humectants will boost the moisture to the skin and keep dryness at bay, while a lower concentration of oils will keep it from causing an oil buildup on the skin or in the pores.

Silicones can also create a barrier against the skin and prevent the ingredients from reaching the areas of the skin where they are needed the most.

Free radicals

The ability of a niacinamide serum to fight free radicals will help create and maintain healthy skin that is free form wrinkles and lines and remain with an even skin tone. The damage that creates spots upon the skin are related to the damage caused by free radicals and from things like exposure to the sun.

By increasing vitamin B3 on the skin, the protective barrier that is across the skin is strengthened, reducing the ability for the UV rays to reach the skin as well as slow the damage that they cause. It will also boost the levels of nutrients that are needed to repair these cells and grow new cells to replace them. In this way it can help keep the skin even and smooth.

Humectants and hydration

The solubility of these ingredients allows them to easily be absorbed by the skin and will not increase the production of oils. With a lower production of oils, the skin is easily able to absorb the nutrients included within the serum and to gain the most benefit from them.

It will also not cause a buildup within the pores, keeping the pores clear and the source of acne reduced, resulting in less acne and fewer blemishes on the skin.

Combined with other ingredients such as the humectants this serum will boost the hydration of the skin. As the skin’s natural barrier becomes stronger it will keep the moisture in the skin.

This helps protect the skin from environmental damage that occurs throughout the day, keeps it hydrated without blocking the pores, and slows the signs of aging by repairing damaged cells.

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