Sheet Masks For Skin Care: What Do They Do

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Facial masks have been popular for years, and lately the sheet mask version is growing in popularity for its ability to help moisturize and protect skin as well as ease of use. These masks come individually packaged to remain sanitary and are placed upon the face and left to sit for a half hour to an hour and a half.

A sheet mask is best suited for adding hydration, vitamins and nutrients that create a barrier to protect skin from drying elements. The mask is created from a thin cotton or paper and dipped into a serum containing the vitamins and nutrients that are required, then packaged and vacuum sealed within that serum for shipping and storage.

How to use a sheet mask

To use the mask simply remove it from the packaging and place it on the face. It is often best to start with the forehead and align the eye holes before applying the rest of the mask to the face. It can be smoothed outwards from the eyes and nose and down to the chin.

The serum will help it stay in place, but they are not intended to stay on while upright in most cases so should be used during a rest period. They have become popular to use during air travel due to the hydrating effect and the dryness that is encountered during flights.

Sheet mask results

While the mask holds the serum on the skin, it does not encourage it to be absorbed. There is no exfoliating or other movements included, so they are not well suited to exfoliating purposes or oily skin. The sheet mask will allow the skin to absorb the serum; by remaining on the skin for an extended time it encourages full absorption over the entire face.

Often using hyaluronic acid and nutrients to boost skin’s moisture barrier and hydration levels it will battle dry skin and offer a protection from further drying the following day. It is not intended for long-term results so has become very popular before a big event due to effectiveness and the short term that they last - usually 24 hours.

The sheet mask will provide the skin with a healthy glow and relieve tightness or itching caused by dry skin. It will boost the vitamins and nutrients present in the outer layers of skin but will not remove dead skin or offer long-term solutions.

For a short-term solution to dry skin or to improve constantly dry skin they can be used once in a while, often during spa and self-care days to improve confidence and create a feeling of luxury. When used once a week or a few times a month they can boost the hydration of the skin and provide nutrients and vitamins vital to maintaining moisture and healing damaged cells.

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