5 Ways To Make Your Skin Look Less Pale

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Written By Emma Gill / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

The desire to look attractive is pretty common among humans. Standing in front of the mirror and seeing a healthy and fresh you acts as a stimulator to kick-start the day. A feel-good factor will keep you motivated throughout the day. And there are some tricks you have to follow regularly to make yourself attractive and presentable.

Causes Of Losing The Inherent Skin Complexion

A bright, glowing skin without any flaws is what you dream of. Most of the people believe that they had beautiful skin earlier, which has become pale and lifeless over time. Various reasons make your skin dull. Less exposure to the sun is one of them. 

Apart from that, the internal health conditions like stomach infection, anemia, and thalassemia are also the primary reasons for losing the natural complexion of the skin. The skin becomes pale due to poor blood circulation, reduced red blood cells, and a shortage of oxygen in the blood cells. Trauma, major surgery or internal bleeding, cold exposure, or blockage in an artery are other causes behind the skin lightening.

5 Simple Ways To Look Less Pale

Focus on the solutions to how you can reduce the paleness and make your skin look attractive and bright. If your complexion is naturally fair and you lose pigment during the winter season, then you have a high probability of having pale skin, which makes you feel bad. For people like you, it is a challenge to struggle with skin lightening and drying during the cold winters. You can try the below-mentioned makeup solutions to get rid of this irritating skin disorder.

1.   Choose A Darker Primer With Sun Protection

Fair skin becomes more sensitive during the sun and cold exposure because of less pigment and thin structure. The skin becomes more vulnerable, and the aging process becomes faster. So, the application of makeup primers with sun protection factors is an effective way to prepare your skin for makeup. The skin will become smooth and lively as the sun protection component will save your skin from harmful UV rays. 

Be extra careful while choosing the shade. Try a few shades to test which one works best for you to make the skin even-toned. If you have any confusion, seek help from where you are purchasing your shade. Tanning lotion is also an excellent choice to hide dull skin.

2.   Mix The Foundation With Oil Or Serum

This is a favorite trick to make your skin look young and lively. And, this is not only meant for fair-complexioned people but everyone struggling with impactful skin makeup methods. Mix the darker foundation with facial oil, liquid serum, or light highlighter to keep your skin hydrated with a flawless finish throughout the day.

This long-lasting formula will provide a beautiful and glowing effect on your face without any touch-up during the day. Therefore, you will find it extremely useful if you have to stay in the workplace for long hours. 

Professional makeup artists advise it is better to apply a light foundation layer with a cream-based concealer or bronzer instead of a thick foundation layer.

3.   Avoid Powdered Highlighters

Try to skip the powdered highlighter as it looks too heavy on the skin. It does not suit the day’s makeup as well. Instead, cream or liquid ones work better during the daytime and they serve most of the skin textures and tones. It will provide you a natural glow that blends perfectly and will seem like it’s your natural skin. This will bring back life to your skin.

4.   Clean Your Skin Deeply

Any makeup will come out at its best if the canvas is well maintained. This means your skin has to be adequately cleaned. Use high-quality face wash for cleaning the dust and dirt before applying makeup. Check the face cleanser before you start using it. Do the patch test to determine whether the product is suitable for your skin or not. 

Another point to remember is that the ingredients must be gentle. Since you are going to apply it on your skin, which is already going through unfavorable conditions, you must think twice while choosing the product.   

5.   Apply Ample Moisturizer

As the pigments get reduced, they dry out the skin as well. Hence keep your skin hydrated at all times. Apply moisturizer to maintain the pH balance of your skin. So, don’t forget to apply it every time you clean your face. Since there is a natural tendency to lose the water content of the skin, heavy moisturizer will probably work better, but it depends on the individual skin texture. 

Try to use one that is formulated with some sun-blocking ingredients. Another vital point is that you must use a brush for applying makeup instead of fingertips as the brush is gentler for your face.


These five easy tips will help you out to help your skin look less pale. You can cope with the paling process, and at the same time, look more attractive. And, it will also boost up your energy level. So, try these out and experience the difference.

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