Study: A Closer Look At Dental Implant Surfaces

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

The Journal of Dental Research has published a study on using chemical modifications of surface materials to control the layer that forms on oral proteins.

When an implant is placed in the mouth it receives a coating of blood and saliva to help the gums adapt and allow for germs to grow. For this reason, it is important to be selective of the surface material of the implant to avoid growth of germs while allowing for the absorption of proteins.

Dental implant study

“This study is the beginning of improving the success achieved with implants,” says Stefan Ruhl, DDS, Ph.D. and a professor at the UB School of Dental Medicine.

“The surrounding layer of protein is the determining factor in the success of the implant and avoiding infection. Therefore, it is important to determine how adsorption might be controlled through chemical modification of the biomaterial surface to achieve a desired outcome."

A study with silica was used to test chemical modifications on the surface to determine how it affects the protein absorption. The researchers used silica beads designed in the lab to learn that the surface material was the determining factor in how much protein was absorbed, which in turn influenced the success of the implant.

Connecting surface properties to protein absorption

It was determined that surfaces with an overall negative electric charge, as well as those that were seen to repel water, had lower absorption rates than others.

"The interaction between the proteins contained in the biofluids may play an important, but still little understood, role in adsorption processes," added Rainer Muller, Ph.D. and professor at the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Regensburg.

"The ultimate goal - to connect surface properties to protein adsorption so that optimal tissue compatibility will be achieved but microbial adhesion will be prevented - will likely not be as straightforward as expected."

Altering dental implant surfaces

The results of this study have proven that altering the surface material on a dental implant using chemicals or a chemical process, can affect both the protein absorption as well as the ultimate success of the implant.

Where the proteins are absorbed in appropriate amounts, but the growth of germs and microorganisms are limited, the implants will be successful in more cases.

This layer of proteins, through saliva or blood plasma that coats the implant, encourage the gums to attach to the implant and play a necessary part in the healing process, but will also allow germ growth.

By changing the surface, this process can be more controlled and the results improved. As further studies are conducted this process will be better understood and materials will be used that will increase the success rates of dental implants.

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