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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Sometimes a tooth cannot be saved as it has deteriorated, been knocked out, or had a traumatic event that has caused irreparable damage. In these situations, the tooth is extracted and a replacement option is offered.

The options for tooth replacement include an implant, a bridge, or a partial or full denture. The replacement chosen is based upon how many teeth need replacing, if you want them to be removable or to stay permanently in place, the bone health of the jaw, general oral health and care, and even budget.

Dental Implant Tooth Replacement Option

A dental implant is the most permanent and least likely to require replacement or repair for the lifetime of the patient. These are created to replicate the surrounding teeth so it will blend in well with the others and fill the gap.

A post is created and placed in the space of the missing tooth or teeth. It is situated in a way that it will fuse with the jaw bone to create a permanent support for what is put onto it.

A dental implant can be finished with a false tooth, a crown, or a bridge, and in some cases where multiple teeth are missing.

An all-on-four system allows all the teeth on either the top or the bottom to be replaced with four posts supporting a complete set. These are cared for just as every other tooth with regular brushing and flossing and dental cleanings.

Dental Bridge Tooth Replacement Option

A bridge is used to replace missing teeth as it attaches to the teeth on either side of the gap and designed to fit in with the teeth surrounding it. These are permanent and can be placed on an implant post or surrounding teeth to strengthen and protect them.

Oral care for a bridge is the same as the daily brushing and flossing along with the other teeth, and they are not removed to be cleaned.

Dentures For Tooth Replacement Option

Dentures however are removable and need to be taken out at night and cleaned in a denture bath. They are created to be shaped like your own teeth and have a plate that goes around the gums to hold them in.

There are several adhesive choices to keep them in place and help block food from getting underneath them and  between the denture and the gums. Dentures can come as a full set, both upper and lower, or only upper or lower, or a partial where only some of the teeth are missing and need to be replaced.

Tooth loss can sometimes not be avoided, but there are several options for replacements and implants that are created to appear like natural teeth and can be permanent or removable depending on what is the best fit for each individual.

From single implants to a full replacement of the upper or lower teeth using implants or removable dentures either full or partial, talk to your dentist to find the right fit for your needs.

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