Oral Pain Symptoms And Concerns

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Oral pain is always a sign that something is wrong, but sometimes it can present itself as something different. There are a handful of symptoms that might not always make you think a tooth or dental issue is the cause.

These include things like ear pain, throat pain, painful swallowing, headache, cheek pain, and even neck pain.

Gums, Teeth And Mouth Pain

Problem teeth or other dental concerns often come with pain in the gums, teeth, and mouth. This can be from where the problem lies or pain from a nearby area.

Occasionally a tooth will become infected or damaged in a way that affects the root or cause swelling around the root, which can interfere with a nerve. Once a nerve is affected it can cause the pain to travel and be felt in other places. This often comes with a fever, pain when chewing or sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverages.

Ear And Throat Pain

Ear and throat pain most likely occur near the source of the pain, but if it involves or touches a nerve it can also cause it to feel like it is in more than one place or on the whole side of the mouth. There is also the chance of swelling depending on the cause of the pain.

As dental and oral problems are in close contact with the ears, nose, and throat, a mouth problem can also affect the ears and throat. Ears can feel full and even ring or feel sore.

The pain can also make it hard to swallow or cause a painful sore throat. If the problem persists it may cause pain in the neck as well, so it is important to address dental and oral pain as soon as possible.

Dull, Sharp And Throbbing Oral Pain

Oral pain is most often a throbbing pain or a dull ache that is constant. It may feel like it is in a contained location or it may feel like a pain on the side of the face.

A sharp pain may occur in some cases near the tooth that is causing the pain, though it may be a travelling pain that is sharp and feels like it is moving.

While it may seem obvious to locate the source of any pain in the mouth or teeth, it can be more complicated when the nerves and proximity to the ears and throat is considered. This aching or throbbing pain can spread easily and affect not only the mouth, but jaw, face, ears, throat, and sometimes even the neck itself.

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