Dry Mouth – Why You Get It And What You Can Do

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

When the mouth does not create enough saliva to keep damp it becomes dry, and that is referred to as dry mouth. Dry mouth has a few different causes, and the treatments may vary depending upon the cause.

For some the solution may be as easy as drinking more water and hydrating fluids throughout the day, for others it may require a special mouthwash or a gum that helps encourage the mouth to create more saliva and to maintain what it creates. In others it may be an ongoing problem that has no real solution.

Causes of dry mouth

Some of the causes of dry mouth include dehydration, prescription medications, and in some it is just how the body normally functions. The solutions will vary by cause, but the most common place to start is by increasing hydrating fluids that are consumed throughout the day.

Water is the best choice, but things like juice, tea, and other clear fluids will add more water and hydration than other drinks such as caffeinated drinks or coffee. When choosing a drink, an easy way to remember is that if it is clear then it is more hydrating than a darker beverage.

We also get much of our daily water intake from the foods that we eat - things like cucumber and watermelon are very hydrating, while breads and meats are not.

Mouthwash and dry mouth

When the cause of dry mouth is a medication it can be harder to address. Drinking more fluids will help but may not cure the problem.

A special mouthwash can be used to increase saliva production, along with chewing gum. When chewing gum the mouth thinks it is food and will increase the production of saliva, which can help relieve dry mouth.

You can also ask your dentist or regular health care provider for solutions, which may include an adjustment of medication dosages that are causing dry mouth.

As every individual functions in their own way, it is possible that some will naturally have a dry mouth while others will not. While there may not be a long-term cure for this, it is possible to relieve the symptoms somewhat.

Increasing fluid intake during the day can help, as the mouth will have another source of hydration when saliva is not present. Chewing gum can also help to increase saliva production and assist in relieving dry mouth symptoms. A mouthwash that is meant to help relieve dry mouth may also be used twice a day.

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