4 Common Dental Surgeries You May Need in Your Lifetime

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Written By Meghan Belnap / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

There are a number of surgical dental and oral procedures for both reconstructive or correction and for cosmetic purposes, Some of the more extreme and complex procedures involve bone grafting or breaking the jaw to reshape it. Of course there are less invasive and intense procedures.

These are four of the most common dental surgeries that you could need within your lifetime.

Root Canals

Tooth pain is some of the most intense and intolerable discomfort for anyone to endure. One highly frequent cause for such pain is an infection. Beneath the protective enamel on the outside of a tooth, there is a soft tissue known as dental pulp that's full of nerve endings and blood vessels. When a tooth gets an infection, swelling and local inflammation causes great pain at that tooth.

A dentist may suggest a root canal surgery in order to save the tooth. What that involves is the removal of that infected pulp from the tooth in pain. This is the top procedure among common dental surgeries.

Tooth Extractions

Most of the time if a tooth must come out, a dentist can pull it without the need for a surgical procedure. However, there are times, primarily in the case of one's wisdom teeth, that teeth have to be cut from the gum and jaw. Wisdom teeth start to come in between the ages of 13 and 21 in the very back of the mouth both on top and bottom.

It’s more common to need them removed than to allow them to grow in. When teeth are removed in surgery, a cut is made by the tooth coming out, and the tooth may be broken to remove more easily. When all the teeth that must be removed are out, stitches close the cuts back together.

Implant Installations

A dental implant is essential for anyone who needs a tooth to be completely replaced. This can be because an adult tooth fell out or died. This is very common for the elderly, who often need several teeth replaced at once. Dentures can be used when only one tooth needs to be replaced and is much less invasive, but often the existing teeth aren’t strong enough to support dentures and simply need replacing.

In order for dental implants to be secure in the gum, a channel must be created in the jawbone. Then an implant can be perfectly fitted in the mouth. Most implants today are endosteal Implants. There are three types of endosteal implants that a dentist can suggest to a patient; threaded screw implants, smooth cylindrical implants, and bladed implants.

Any of these implant types will need a coating to make the implants tough and well protected. This coating may be grit-blasted, acid-etched, plasma-sprayed for either titanium or hydroxyapatite or a Zirconia coat. Zirconia is a transition metal that is very white and resembles ceramic, or in this case, can be made to resemble a tooth.

Sleep Apnea Correction

Many people suffer from sleep apnea. It’s a condition that obstructs one's breathing during sleep and can be quite dangerous, This procedure is done by removing excess amounts of tissue that have been inhibiting proper breathing while that person is asleep. This can be done in combination with or instead of the traditional treatment of a sleep mask that pushes oxygen into your lungs while you sleep.

Any of these surgeries are safe and effective methods to treat common dental ailments. Before any of these procedures, the person undergoing the ordeal will likely have an antithetic administered to prevent him or her from enduring pain or pressure caused by the surgery. Talk to your dentist if you feel that you may need any of these procedures.

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