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Dealing with skin issues can be incredibly discouraging and disconcerting. With a myriad of products currently available to choose from, in both the affordable and luxury skin care industry, its easy to get overwhelmed with what to use on your face. Depending on the type of skin you have and the problems you likely experience, there are different products that would address different issues. However, many people arent proponents of the harmful chemicals and additives that often exist in skin care products. For those who would like a more natural approach to beauty but still want clear, glowing skin, heres a list of natural skin remedies to use that youll likely already have in your kitchen! 

Lemon And Honey

Lemon is a natural skin lightener and is used for those who want to even out their skin tone and combat troublesome dark spots and unevenness in their complexion. Honey is a great ingredient to use on your face because although it is sticky and sweet, its naturally an antibiotic which works to target and eliminate the bacteria that causes blemishes.


Oats work as a great exfoliate to bring up and eliminate all the dead skin cells that are resting on the top of the face. Adding warm water to the oats will help them soften and allow for a thick paste that can be used as a scrub to remove pesky dead skin cells and unsightly blackheads.


Yes, that's right. This is going to sound super random but rubbing an ice cube over a freshly washed face helps with blood circulation and will give you a more natural glow. This can be used before putting on makeup or moisturizing skin.


Many people wont understand these recommendations that include substances that are sweet in nature. But using things like sugar and honey externally is different than consuming them. While it is true that consuming too many sweets can cause skin problems, using the elements on the skin directly can have favorable effects. Using sugar and a mix of honey, or something similarly thick, creates a great base for a sugar scrub. This can be used to combat dead skin, blemishes and enlarged pores.

Coconut Oil

Now this may sound crazy to those who suffer from oily skin, but coconut oil is actually a great brightener and moisturizer. Dabbing just a small amount on the apples of the checks will help keep your skin feel soft and radiate all at the same time. Unlike many other oils, coconut oil lacks that terribly greasy look and feel so its perfect to use on the face.

Tea Tree Oil

This is another oil that is actually incredibly good for the skin. Unlike coconut oil, it should be used very sparingly and be diluted in water before being applied directly to the skin. Tea tree oil can be quite strong in smell, so adding only a couple of drops to a bigger base will likely help cut the odor and still give the powerful healing effect on blemishes. Use it as a spot treatment for pesky pimples

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