Cymbopogon Martinii: An Underrated Essential Oil For Skin

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There are countless kinds of essential oils that do wonders for different skin conditions. Sometimes essential oils can actually provide for the greatest skin experience when implemented daily. There's really no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on skin care products that aren't really that effective or have harmful, harsh additives included. Transitioning over to a more natural skin care regimen will likely do wonders for your skin. Even more so when you start to realize that so many essential oils have amazing benefits for your skin.

Cymbopogon martinii, otherwise known as palmarosa oil, is one of them. This oil has a very rich and deep history for being incredibly effective for the skin. It has roots in India and Turkey as it comes from a tropical grass that is similar in certain ways to citronella and lemongrass. The oil has a very pleasant smell that is much like rose oil which smells lovely and airy. Due to its positive aroma, this oil can easily be used in aromatherapy settings but its biggest draw and effectiveness is with and on the skin.

Skin Conditions

Palmarosa oil has been used to help aid those who suffer from skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It can even be used in cases of acne and boils. Due to the gentleness of the plant, the concentrated oil can be used on very sensitive skin and very sensitive skin issues. Due to the stunning antiseptic and antibacterial properties within these oils, they are a great aid for properly cleaning and getting into the patches of skin that are often developed with eczema and psoriasis. These properties also allow them to fight off the parts of the skin that are often riddled with dead skin cells that further perpetuate the issue.

Hydrating Properties

Due to the overwhelming hydrating properties of palmarosa oil, the positive effects that it has on the skin are twofold. It is great for skin that is notoriously dry. Both eczema and psoriasis sufferers deal with dry patches of skin almost chronically. Even if you don't have either of these skin conditions, the status of your skin will improve significantly with the use of palmarosa oil. It is perfect for skin that really struggles and suffers from dehydration. It also helps to balance the oils in the skin so it can be helpful for those who suffer with unnecessarily oily skin as well.

Palmarosa is a very light oil so it can be easily diffused by using vaporizers and humidifiers. Due to its really pleasant scent, it can be helpful for those who suffer from depression and anxiety. For those who want to use it solely for their skin, they can mix a bit of the palmarosa oil with coconut oil or castor oil. Just a few drops will do the trick. This works well on rashes, acne, shingles and even helps to kill the bacteria that causes candida. Adding this essential oil to your list is definitely a good move.

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