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The ability many essential oils possess to adequately and effectively treat common issues is remarkable. Some of the lesser known oils are just as potent and healing as their more well-known counterparts. The imperative thing to remember is to never stop researching, as some oils may work better than others, or you may be unable to use certain oils due to smell sensitivity or allergy. The ravensara essential oil is one that many people are unaware of. It comes from a tree that is indigenous to Madagascar. Traditionally the locals used the oil as a cure for almost everything.

Ravensara oil is naturally anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-viral, among a whole host of other properties. Naturally a white, clear essential oil there is no threat of it staining or causing discoloration on surfaces or clothing. Its scent is pleasant and resembles that of eucalyptus essential oil; it blends well with rosemary and lavender. Here are the many benefits associated with the oil.

Shingles Remedy

The legions that accompany shingles can be downright painful to deal with. While shingles is a skin condition that typically affects people of a certain age, it can affect anyone with a compromised immune system. Due to its proven antiviral and antiseptic qualities, this oil is a great remedy for those types of outbreaks. Try mixing a few drops of the ravensara oil with tea tree oil and a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil. This mixture can be applied to shingle legions or cold sores. It will lessen the pain over time and heal the legions.


Inhaling this aroma is known to have a positive effect on those who deal with profound sadness or depression. Its components naturally help uplift the mind. Try purchasing an oil burner or a diffuser, if you don't already have one, and adding this oil to your collection. Fill your room with this aroma and you will certainly see a boost in your mood.

Immune System Boost

There are many essential oils that can positively affect the immune system and how it functions. The immune system is essentially in charge of our immunity and susceptibility to certain viruses, bacterias and medical conditions. The better the immune system can function, the better your overall health will be. Powerful essential oils like tea tree, rosemary, oregano, and ravensara all positively impact your immunity.

Zaps The Flu

For those who are susceptible to the yearly flu, or just find themselves fighting off colds more often than not, this oil is a must have. Ravensara is naturally an immunostimulant, one of the reasons why it's so effective at strengthening the immune system. That combined with its antimicrobial and antiviral properties make it a fantastic natural cold and flu remedy. A few drops of this in a bath, or even a foot-bath when you start to experience the first signs of a cold or a flu, will help you fight off the symptoms and misery that come along with being sick. Try adding in other oils like lavender, thyme or eucalyptus for added strengthening benefits. 

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