The Benefits Of Palmarosa Oil

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Palmarosa's botanical name is Cymbopogon Martini, which is a specific type of grass. The oil extraction is done through steam distillation. This takes place after the plant is harvested right before flowering occurs. While many aren't familiar with the positive attributes of this essential oil, it has enormous health benefits for both internal and external health. While many practitioners who specialize in aromatherapy are well versed in essential oils and their many benefits, the scope of their abilities isn't always fully understood.

This oil is naturally antibacterial, antiseptic, cytophylactic, digestive, antiviral and hydrating. Due to these positive aspects, it can be used in varying ways. Great for fresh cuts or nicks, the septic quality in palmarosa oil is a great way to prevent infections from forming on the wound. Putting a couple of drops on affected areas will provide a protective barrier.

The antiviral aspect of the oil also helps to protect vulnerable and easily susceptible skin. It successfully inhibits and curbs the ability for a virus to manifest. It's also essential to take care of any open wounds because infections can transition to organs and become serious.

Great For Skin Conditions

Palmarosa oil is naturally cytophylactic, which means that it promotes the growth of healthy and new cells. It also seamlessly helps recycle healthy cell matter. This is a process that the body must go through to help deal with aging, environmental factors and diet. This is deemed a healthy way to strengthen and fortify the immune system. This specific aspect is what makes this oil great for skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. Try putting a few drops of the oil on breakouts twice a day. The cellular structure of the skin will be fortified and help treat and eliminate the skin issue. Those conditions are deeply linked to auto immunity.

This oil promotes digestion by stimulating the digestive juices in the stomach. Millions of people in this country deal with chronic digestive issues. The food that we constantly consume contributes to the issues that we so readily experience. A food grade version of this oil can be used to aid the digestive process. Eating a more complete and healthy diet will also help any digestive issues you may be experiencing, but palmarosa oil helps the absorption of nutrients that are obtained from food.

Naturally Hydrates Skin

One of the reasons that this oil is so terrific for the skin is its ability to naturally hydrate the skin. Simply ensuring that your skin is adequately hydrated will assist the overall state of your skin. It will improve the appearance of skin conditions and prevent the onset of wrinkles and delay the aging process. The richly soothing properties of palmarosa oil provides the skin with the moisture that it so desperately needs. The tissues and cells within the skin depend deeply on optimal hydration. The skin can become dehydrated quickly, which can lead to a myriad of issues. Keeping your skin moist and properly hydrated is essential and you'll thank yourself for that decision as you get older.

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