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It can sometimes be increasingly difficult to keep track of which oils and fats actually work well in your body and which don't. Contrary to what we've been told throughout the years, fats are essential to our health and a necessary part of our diet. The tricky part comes when we don't eat the right kinds of fats and we run the risk of damaging our health. Here are some important ways in which rice bran oil can benefit internal health. 

Neutral Tasting

One of the most important aspects of a healthy type of oil that needs to be explored is how it tastes. While coconut oil has seen a boom in recent years as a go-to oil for many different uses, some don't enjoy the taste as it is very strong and the coconut flavor is unmistakable. The great thing about rice bran oil is that it's fairly neutral in taste so it can be effectively used when cooking a myriad of items. The rice grain itself isn't very potent so its flavor won't clash with the foods you are cooking.

Full Of Healthy Fats

Rice bran oil has the healthy amounts of fats that we all need to be ingesting in our diets. So many people are very confused about the types of fats that are considered good for them and the types that aren't. While the fats in processed and fast foods are typically bad, the fats in things like avocado and olive oil help to actually increase good cholesterol while also lowering bad cholesterol. This type of distinction is what prevents issues with the heart that can lead to stroke or heart disease.

This is one of the oils that is actually good for you because of its healthy fat index. It has almost equal proportions of monounsaturated fats, saturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats. This is important to note as its levels work well in the body to promote healthy fuel and energy levels. It also has no trans fats present in its fat composition which ensures you are ingesting the good fats as opposed to the harmful ones.

Lower Cholesterol

There is good cholesterol and there is bad cholesterol - some people aren't aware of the intrinsic differences between the two. One will help your heart and aid your organs while the other can increase your risk for heart disease, stroke or type 2 diabetes. Because rice bran oil is so heart friendly, it can actually help to control your cholesterol with the right amount of a powerful antioxidant called oryzanol. This oil is even recommended by the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association as being great for improving serum levels of cholesterol.

A High Smoke Point

There are some oils that are unfortunately used incorrectly. Their general makeup lends to either a high, medium or low smoke point. A smoke point essentially examines whether or not the oil remains unchanged or oxidizes when it is exposed to a certain level of heat. Rice bran oil has a high smoke point which means that it can safely be used to deep fry and stir fry many of your favorite dishes without changing the healthy factors within the oil itself. This is something many people get wrong with olive oil. Although it's incredibly healthy, it should not be used on the stove and is best incorporated into dressings and on lukewarm pastas. Exposing it to too much heat changes it too significantly.

Many Other Uses For Rice Bran Oil

With so many different oils on the market, some are more easily located and purchased than others. While some would like to experiment with the types of oils that they cook with, an oil that can be used in a whole host of ways, such as rice bran, is ideal. There are many more reasons why rice bran oil should have a permanent spot in both your kitchen pantry and your bathroom medicine cabinet.

Skin Aid

Rice bran oil is highly effective as a hydrating oil. So often, the over-the-counter moisturizers that the skincare industry markets are not only incredibly expensive, but also filled with unnecessary additives. You don't want to be putting just anything on your skin. What many people don't realize is that the best skin care products and the ones that are the most effective are all inherently natural. That extra gunk and miscellaneous ingredients will actually do more harm than good in the long run. The fatty acids that are present in rice bran oil ensure that your skin is properly moisturized and won't leave your skin looking or feeling oily.

Anti-Aging Trick

If you are suffering from the beginnings of wrinkles, or just noticing that your skin looks a bit dull and lifeless around the edges, it's time to switch to an oil like rice bran. The deeply hydrating properties of this oil help to lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Signs of aging can be downright scary. There's no need to battle the tell-tale signs of your age when you incorporate wonderful skin oils into your regimen. Just a couple of drops as a moisturizer on a clean face will do the trick.

Cooking Oil

Sometimes coconut oil and olive oil can get a little ordinary and bland to cook with after awhile. You may be interested in switching up the oils that you cook with, and if you are, rice bran is a great alternative. It has a very neutral taste so it pairs well with the different types of foods that you like to cook. It also has a high heat point which means it's perfect to use on the stove to cook a myriad of dishes. Rice bran is incredibly neutral and not at all potent when it comes to the taste that it leaves foods with.

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