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Written By Zac Ferry / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

An optometrist is an ophthalmologist who has a degree in optometry. Optometrists examine the eyes for vision and health problems and correct refractive errors by prescribing glasses and contact lenses. Some eye experts in this category further provide low-vision treatment. Choosing the best optometrist is an important health decision. After all, you trust them to protect your precious eyesight and help you maintain good eyesight for life.

The best ophthalmologists are certified to check the eyes, provide treatment guidelines, medicines, and lenses, but are not authorized to perform surgery.  Optometrists work in hospitals, clinics, the ophthalmic industry, schools and research projects. However, they mainly contribute to their services in clinical practices, hospitals and community health centers.

Optometrist services

With an ophthalmoscope, the optometrist can identify eye-related conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. If abnormalities are still found, the patient will undergo additional special examinations with a certified eye specialist referred by them.

Optometrists who specialize in using contact lenses for irregular corneal forms further recommend special contact lenses such as toric and varifocal lenses for subjects with weak vision. After certification by an independent prescribing qualification, the optometrist has the right to prescribe all approved drugs with the exception of parenteral (injectable) drugs.

Things To Consider Before Choosing An Optometrist

Go For Highly Recommended Ones

Often the easiest way to find an optometrist is to seek out recommendations. Speak to your colleagues, family members, and friends for suggestions. However, remember that everyone is different. It's a good idea to do additional research in addition to a recommendation from a friend. There may be much better options that go undetected. Always look for reviews and service ratings. Look for positive and negative feedback to get a clear picture of what to expect.

Ensure Their Clinic Has Modern Technology 

The tools and equipment used to study and treat eye problems have evolved significantly. The best optometrists harness the power of new technology to provide cutting edge service. Whether it's a slit lamp, retinal chamber, field of view tester, internal image camera or a mirror microscope, eye testing technology has developed rapidly. Apart from being fast, these devices give you accurate results.

Within minutes the results of your eye test are displayed. Technology always prioritizes speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency. The best optometrists know this and invest in it.

Consider Qualifications and Experience 

The best optometrists consolidate license with experience. With years of experience in this field, your eyes are in good hands. Always ask about work history and optical training. The right eye doctor will never brag about what they can do. If you visit an experienced optician, they'll know what tests to take instead of experimenting and following tricks and testing methods.

Bottom Line

These are some of our top tips for choosing the best optometrist for your needs. Tens of thousands of optometrists are available across the country. The number of qualified ophthalmologists is expected to increase. You should choose the one in your locality and not opt for any optometrists that are far from your home.

Many of these options have their advantages, however, this inevitably makes it difficult to find the right service. There are too many to choose from! However, we hope that this post contains all the important considerations for finding the perfect service for you.

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