Are Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bikes Useful?

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Written By Sarah Dawson / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Keeping a healthy body with toned muscle is a dream of everyone. However, if you live a hectic urban life, there may not be enough space for you to take your bike for a spin every morning. Also, your nearby gym can cost you a fortune, and you may not have enough time to hit it.

For your convenience, technology has given you an option to grab exercise equipment to keep your body fit with less hassle. This equipment comes in various shapes, forms and they also vary in working principle.

One such amazing exercise gadget is the magnetic resistance exercise bike. These bikes were developed for reducing the impacts on the body and joints while working out. One can easily adjust the resistance in those bikes to control the intensity of the workout.

In this article, we will discuss what magnetic resistance exercise bikes are, how they work, and how they can be useful for your workout. Stay till the end to get a clear picture.

Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

In these exercise bikes, there are magnets present to create tension against the flywheel. These magnets don’t contact the flywheel, so they don’t make sheer noise or damage the flywheel. These magnets apply varying magnetic forces by getting closer or further away. It can be quite strong at times and provide you a challenge in your fitness journey.

As the magnets don’t touch the flywheel, this gadget is virtually silent. You can enjoy a smooth and peaceful ride with minimal maintenance. For these qualities, they are one of the popular bikes trending in the market.

Functions of Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bikes

It is possible to gain reliable, easy, and quick changes to gain in magnetic resistance bikes. Unlike traditional tension belts, it is more consistent and reliable. One can easily control the resistance level with a computer as well. There is also a screen present to show the workout data.

Adjusting the Magnetic Resistance

Commonly, adjusting the resistance in these bikes is operated by a pressing button or a moving knob. With the signal from the button or knob, the magnets will come closer to increase the resistance or go further away to decrease the resistance.

However, these buttons can often malfunction and decrease the reliability of the resistance changes. Most manufacturers would offer warranties for parts. Also, you can replace parts of the system that aren’t working properly.

The Usefulness of Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bikes

The exercise benefits of magnetic resistance exercise bikes have several benefits that can enhance reliability. One can easily control the intensity of the workout with this bike. It is possible to improve the overall effectiveness of the workout session.

One can even create a customized program by reducing or increasing the resistance level. For the warm-up, use lower resistance and then gradually increase it throughout the session. One can easily shift the resistance with a twist or press depending on the model they are using. The body weight, pedal revolutions, and speed of the user can affect the reliability of the magnetic resistance to increase the resistance gradually.

Additional Features

Some magnetic resistance bikes can be hooked up with a computer or other electronics. Most of the bikes come with a display that can provide vitality information like distance, time, heart rate, calories burned, and speed.

For getting the proper data, one needs to calibrate the bike properly. Otherwise, it can display false data or can even cause malfunction to the computer that is hooked with the gadget.

Things to be Considered

Magnetic resistance exercise bikes can be quite more expensive than traditional tension belt bikes although they can offer you more consistency, reliability, and more of a smooth, virtually quiet operation than traditional exercise bikes. The reliability may vary depending on the brand and model of the bike. Another thing, push-button adjustment of resistance is more reliable than turn-knob adjustment as it decreases the chance of malfunction.

Is A Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Right for You?

Magnetic resistance exercise bikes provide you a high performance throughout their lifetime. Some may prefer direct contact resistance exercise bikes. However, direct contact can create some unwanted friction and can lack the accuracy of the resistance. In a way, it’s the solution for problems associated with direct contact exercise bikes.

You can easily use this bike in your home and catch up with your favorite TV series as this gadget doesn’t make any noticeable noise. Even mothers with small children can easily use this bike without the risk of waking the children.

This gadget will provide you the exact resistance that you set. Where the contact resistance exercise bikes may fail as increasing speed may also increase the resistance. The resistance levels come predetermined by the manufacturer, and the levels are indicated in the console. You can freely set your preferred resistance, and it will be maintained consistently throughout your workout session.

As no part is actually coming in contact with a magnetic resistance exercise bike, you don’t need to regularly lubricate it or worry about wear and tear. With minimal maintenance like tightening wires and screws, it can stay in great shape. Even this maintenance may be needed after a few years of regular use. The only downside is these bikes can be a bit expensive as it is hard to generate magnetic resistance.


Considering the benefits that a magnetic resistance exercise bike offers, we can safely say investing in one of those bikes is worth it. It is pretty hard to overcome the extreme levels of magnetic resistance, and you can keep improving your fitness level for years to come. These bikes will challenge you to work harder and get the optimum fit for your body.

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Sarah Dawson has been involved in the light therapy industry for quite some time now and is currently an executive at Premium Lights Therapy. She is a very passionate individual who really believes in the potential that light therapy holds for so many. She loves sharing her views on light therapy and is very enthusiastic about the many treatment potentials it holds.

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